Are fabric bandages breathable?

Are fabric bandages breathable?

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– Apply the bandage firmly, without being excessively tight, and fix it with a bandage tape normally. You can also use an adhesive tape. a bandage clip or simply tie a knot if you think it is necessary at the time.

To apply such a bandage keep the rolled part over the injury and the unrolled part toward the injury. Twist twice with each twist. Bandage from the inside to the outside and finish with a final straight line to secure the bandage.

If the bandage is to be applied to elbows or knees, the joint should be slightly flexed. The bandage is applied in the shape of a figure of eight and should be extended along the injured joint.

Normal bandages that when folded take the shape of a triangle. They are used as large dressings, as are slings. To contribute to the support of a limb or to keep the bandage in place, as in the case of immobilizing a fracture. Clothing such as scarves or T-shirts can also be used to make a triangular bandage, if necessary.

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A breathable composite material having a hydrostatic load according to IST 80.4-92 of at least 10.16 cm (4 inches) comprising at least one nonwoven fibrous web layer, said nonwoven web layer having at least one breathable thermoplastic film coating, wherein the breathability is provided by a plurality of dot-like deformations of the film coating.

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Breathable composites of thermoplastic films and fabrics are well known and are used in many applications, including building coverings, disposable garments and medical devices. Composite materials of these types are generally characterized by breathability and liquid barrier properties that vary depending on the porosity of the film layers and strength that varies with the nature of the fabric layers. For applications requiring low cost and light weight, composite materials have been provided in the form of laminates of one or more layers of nonwoven web, or web, of thermoplastic filaments and one or more layers of thermoplastic breathable film. Examples of composite materials in such form and various utilities for the same are set forth in WO 98/05502 and in U.S. patents assigned to the same assignee U.S. 5173356, U.S. 5208098; U.S. 5169712, U.S. 5176953 and U.S. 5236963. An example of a durable, heavyweight, durable composition is Housewrap, formerly sold under the trade name Amowrap® by Amoco Foam Products Company, in the form of a layering of a woven fabric and a perforated permeable film.

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Tape is one of the most commonly used disposable materials in nursing, and one of the basic elements that should not be missing in a first aid kit. Even outside a purely professional environment, the adhesive tape is one of the elements that we use the most in our own homes.

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Its definition is very simple, a resistant fabric material composed, on one side, of an adhesive side used to hold bandages or gauze to the skin, immobilize an area or exert pressure, and on the other side, different non-adherent materials.

As mentioned above, since its invention, the adhesive plaster has evolved and a wide variety of plasters have been created to adapt to the type of treatment to be performed or to the different types of skin of the patient.

The fabric plasters are manufactured in fabric of high permeability to water and water vapor, also has a high adhesion. Their main characteristics are: highly breathable, highly adaptable, extensible and highly porous. Suitable for areas of high contact due to its high permeability and adaptability.

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