Can you get sick from kissing your cat?

Can you get sick from kissing your cat?

My cat kisses my face

Caring for certain pets can increase the risk of getting an infection. Not all pets impose the same risks, nor do all cancer treatments. If you have pets, inform your health care team, including the routines you follow in caring for them. This way, you can learn what might not be safe during cancer treatment. It is also recommended that you see your pet’s veterinarian to find out what types of diseases your pet may carry during periods when your pet’s immune system is weakened.

It is best to avoid some types of pets while receiving cancer treatment (see below). Also, there is a big difference between adopting a rescued pet with an illness and agreeing to take care of a healthy pet during cancer treatment. Rescued pets with an illness usually carry more bacteria and may not be up to date on their vaccinations.

Mouth infections from kissing cats

Rabies virus is transmitted through direct contact (e.g., from cut skin or mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, and mouth) with the saliva or nervous system or brain tissues of an infected animal.

Rabies virus ceases to be infectious when dried and exposed to sunlight. Different environmental conditions affect the rate at which the virus becomes inactive, but in general, if the material containing the virus is dry, the virus can be considered no longer infectious.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases (NCEZID), Division of Pathology and High Consequence Pathogenic Microorganisms (DHCPP)

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Why cats kiss each other

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It is important that you keep your pet’s environment clean, and that he/she does not go outside so often to avoid possible exposure to bacteria or dangerous agents. Take care of him/her and you!

Having a urinary tract infection is uncomfortable and it is worse when you are pregnant. Remember that during this stage you cannot take any medication because it can put your health or the baby’s health at risk.

Cat saliva

Infectious mononucleosis is a viral disease that affects certain red blood cells. It is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), a member of the herpes virus family. Most cases occur sporadically. Epidemics are uncommon.

The virus is spread through person-to-person contact, through saliva (on hands or toys or through kissing). In rare cases, the virus has been transmitted through blood transfusion.

Symptoms include fever, sore throat, swollen glands and feeling tired. Sometimes the liver and spleen are affected. It lasts from one to several weeks. This disease is rarely fatal.

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