Can you take a shower with a band aid?

Can you take a shower with a band aid?

How to bathe with a bandage

The technique consists in the application of special elastic adhesive tapes over the affected area with the objective of not limiting movement and eliminating pain or muscular problems. In this way, it helps the body to activate its own healing process by facilitating circulation without altering mobility.

There is no physical difference between the colors, these variations were developed to be compatible with color therapy. In reality the choice of color is a matter of individual preference.

You can walk with foot cast

You were discharged with a Hemovac drainage tube. The tube was placed in your incision to remove fluid and is connected to a drain or collection device. This will help you heal and decrease the risk of infection.  You will see fluid and blood in the drain. You may feel a burning sensation and tugging at the stitch that holds the tube in place. Your drain will be removed once the amount of fluid coming out of the incision is less than two tablespoons a day. There is a bandage on the site where the tube is in place. This is to protect the open area from infection. Your stitches will be removed 7 to 14 days after surgery. This must be done to take care of your Hemovac drainage tube.

Children’s arm cast protector

Your cast will be removed soon and you are probably impatient to resume your normal life. Here’s what to expect in the coming days and weeks from the time your cast is removed so your body can complete the healing process.

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The right time to have a cast removed depends on what part of your body you have had in a cast and the type of injury you have. Your doctor will be able to give you an idea of how long you will need to wear the cast. Before you get the cast off, your doctor will examine the cast area and may order an X-ray.

How to bathe with plaster on the abdomen

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