Can you wear hearing aids on the beach?

Can you wear hearing aids on the beach?

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You should always go to a health professional who specializes in the field of hearing and who is in a Hearing Center. This person will be the one to recommend or discard their use depending on various factors and after performing several hearing tests.

No, there is no age to start using them. There are people in different age ranges who, due to various conditions, need hearing aids. However, it is true that it is much more common at older ages. As we get older, we are more prone to hearing impairment or reduced hearing quality.

Prices vary depending on various aspects. Not only the make and model, but also the level of technology involved. The audiometrist at your Hearing Center should present you with various options depending on the requirements you really need to correct the hearing impairment.

It always depends on the individual characteristics of each user. In addition, the audiometrist at your Hearing Center will be the person in charge of determining whether it is necessary to wear two hearing aids or if only one is sufficient. For this purpose, various hearing tests will be carried out on both ears. Two hearing aids provide additional hearing support, but if there is no real need for them, it is not necessary to wear them.

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In this sense, we might be tempted to buy a model simply certified as IPX68 or IPX70 and that would be a mistake. That rating means that they can withstand usage scenarios involving sweat, or rain, or even an accident such as a fall in the pool or being put in the washing machine, but they are not designed to work underwater for water sports.

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The other option is to use waterproof wireless headphones connected wirelessly to a player that is outside the pool, very impractical as we will be “tied” to the short range of Bluetooth or NFC, we can not perform basic tasks such as jumping song and leave the phone on the edge of the pool alone is not a highly recommended option if we want to keep it there at the end of the workout.

Recently tested in Vitónica, the Sunstech Argoshybrid (42.69 euros) are a versatile model with Bluetooth 4.2 functionality and 8GB capacity to store your MP3 songs. Their autonomy is up to 7 hours according to our experience, charging in about 2 hours.

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Always remove your hearing aid before using these products and wait for the product to dry. Then remember to dry your hands before putting your hearing aids back on. And when it comes time to clean your hearing aids, never use cleaning fluids or solvents.

Sudden temperature changes from the cold outside to a warm room can cause condensation to build up inside your hearing aids, so you may need to open the battery doors at night or put the hearing aids in a dehumidifier.

However, if moisture remains inside, it can affect the contact made by the battery, causing a temporary failure. So, if your hearing aids get wet, open the battery doors at night to ventilate them, or consider purchasing a hearing aid dehumidifier.


More problematic is if you drop your hearing aids in the water. In this case, there is a trick that helps a lot. Remove the battery, close the battery door, put the hearing aid in a glass full of rice and leave it there for 24 hours. And, above all, don’t forget to call your hearing center immediately.

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Good. In this case you need additional protection. You can use an elastic band to cover your ear or use a cover for your hearing aid. None of these solutions will allow you to dive in the Caribbean, but you will have an additional barrier between your hearing aids and the water.