Do nasal strips improve sleep?

Do nasal strips improve sleep?

Homemade nasal strips to stop snoring

Snoring is the hoarse or loud sound that occurs when air passes through the relaxed tissues of the throat and causes them to vibrate as you breathe. Almost everyone snores from time to time, but for some people it can be a chronic problem. Sometimes, it can also indicate a serious illness. In addition, snoring can be a nuisance to your partner.

OSA is often characterized by loud snoring followed by periods of silence when breathing stops or almost stops. Over time, this slowing or pause in breathing may signal you to wake up or may awaken you with a loud snort or gasp.

Hoarseness is generated when airflow passes through relaxed tissues, such as your tongue, soft palate and airway, when you breathe. The soft tissues narrow the airways, which causes them to vibrate.

If your partner is the one who snores, you may sometimes feel frustrated and fatigued. Suggest some of the above home remedies and, if they don’t help quiet your partner’s nighttime noises, ask him or her to consult a doctor. In the meantime, ear plugs or background noise, such as a white noise machine or a fan near the bed, can help cover up the snoring noise so you get more sleep.

Nasal strips contraindications

It is a nasal dilator. In its beginnings it was used to dilate the nostrils and attenuate possible snoring, although little by little it was extended due to its proven benefits.

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As we have already mentioned, through this adhesive strip, we will be filtering the air we breathe. It will not only be used by athletes, as its effect will be highly beneficial for people suffering from respiratory diseases.

The irruption of this adhesive tape in the world of sports has done nothing but improve our physical performance. All this has been through a cheap and very easy to use object, which has contributed to its rapid spread.


Basics of Breathe Right Strips and Nasal Dilators There are two types of nasal dilators: those that open the nostrils or nasal passage from the outside and those that dilate the nostrils from the inside. The external dilator often consists of a rigid strip that is applied to the outer surface of the nose with adhesive, much like a rigid band-aid. A popular brand is Breathe Right nasal strips, although others certainly exist.

Nasal dilators work by pulling on the nostrils and sides of the nose, much like lifting the sides of a pointy tent to make more room inside. This can help make breathing through the nose easier and reduce snoring.

This most likely occurs due to increased airflow through the nose. Ideally, a river of air would enter through a fully open nose, pass through the throat and past the base of the tongue, and enter the lungs. When a blockage occurs in the nose, due to narrow anatomy, a deviated septum, or congestion from a cold or allergies, a trickle of air enters instead.


When snoring manifests itself in a punctual way as a consequence of respiratory inflammations and obstruction of the nasal passages, there are some aspects that can be taken into account to stop snoring.

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One of them is the sleeping posture. Snoring tends to occur more frequently when sleeping on the back, so it is advisable to avoid this position. There are also habits that favor snoring, such as smoking, alcohol intake or large meals before bedtime.  The elimination of these habits and the acquisition of healthy routines make it easier to stop snoring.

Likewise, when there is nasal congestion that forces us to breathe through the mouth, the probability of snoring increases. Proper nasal hygiene can help us to stop snoring by clearing the airways, facilitating the entry and exit of air through the nostrils and improving rest.

Nasal hygiene can be complemented with a product that helps us to stop snoring when the problem is nasal obstruction. These are Breathe Right adhesive strips, bands with a special adhesive that fit over the nose and gently open the nostrils so that air circulates better and breathing is easier.

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