How do you use electric stand Aid?

How do you use electric stand Aid?

Adult stander price

The Struzzo AV3 stander is one of the best standers that a person can have at home. For us it is still a reference due to the total autonomy that allows the user and its small size.

It also has a joystick that will allow us to move around our house in a standing position and have total autonomy. All this, together with a width of less than 60 cm and a length of only 90 cm makes it a really interesting standing frame. And undoubtedly our favorite.

Chinesport, manufacturer of the Struzzo defines it as an equipment for lifting to the vertical posture, for transfer and movement. It is indicated for all those people who can not support or produce the forces or movements necessary to get into an upright position. It is especially suitable for people suffering from spinal cord diseases or injuries, sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or muscular pathologies such as muscular atrophies and muscular dystrophies.

Standing frame for adults

The model we have at the Neurorehabilitation Clinic is mobile, which allows patients to perform lateral and anteroposterior straightening reactions with the help of the therapists, who can be placed behind, to guide the movement of weight shift from one leg to the other and from front to back. With the consequent requirement of reactive work at the level of the trunk musculature.

For patients in wheelchairs, it is of vital importance to stand during rehabilitation sessions to prevent ankle shortening, avoid osteoporosis, activate blood circulation and normalize muscle tone.

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Rehab stander

A standing frame is an orthosis that is used to achieve an upright position when motor control is inadequate, i.e. when the person is not able to support and control his or her body and is therefore not able to maintain a standing posture.

El bipedestador ofrece la oportunidad al fisioterapeuta de poner en bipedestación (de pie) a personas en silla de ruedas, encamadas o con incapacidad de realizar una bipedestación segura. Además, ofrece la posibilidad de trabajar en grupos musculares afectados, tronco o posicionamientos que son imposibles de producir sin la ayuda de esta maquinaria.

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How to make a homemade standing frame

The Static Light standing frame is light, safe and easy to use. Its main objective is the verticalization of the user, stabilization of the lower limbs and trunk with an increase of 150 to 180 cm. Made of light and durable materials such as aluminum and steel. The anatomical knee supports are adjustable. The arm supports keep the user upright at all times. The wheels are smooth rolling and all four wheels have brakes.

The Static Gym standing frame offers very good stabilization of the front and side of the trunk. It can be adjusted in height, width and center of gravity. All four wheels are smooth rolling, the two rear wheels allow locking.

The base unit is functional for most users but offers a wide variety of positioning components to suit all needs. It allows for over 60 options and configurations such as: hip supports, lateral supports and head support. Safe lateral transfer: The opening offered by Evolv makes transfers easier and safer.

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