Is it bad to swallow your partners sperm?

Is it bad to swallow your partners sperm?

Swallowing a woman’s discharge is bad

For some people, swallowing semen is a turn-on, while for others, it can be unpleasant. Whatever your position on this, it is respectable and your partner should be aware of it.

Enzymes present in saliva are known to destroy the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and if semen is contaminated with HIV, the virus can die in the stomach due to the action of acids. It would be best that if there is no certainty about the health status of the person you are with, do not engage in oral sex. But if in the heat of sex, you find that ejaculation in your mouth is imminent, you have two options: spit the semen out quickly or swallow it immediately to minimize contact with membranes such as the mouth and throat.

My advice remains that whenever you decide to have sex, make sure that person is in good health. Going to the doctor together is the best start to a worry-free, risk-free relationship.

Benefits of sperm in the anus

First of all, it is important to clarify that semen is an organic fluid generated by the male sexual apparatus that contains among other substances enzymes, zinc, proteins, vitamins, lipids, calcium, potassium and sodium. Because of this, it has even been shown that sperm can have several benefits for women and, therefore, we can affirm that it is NOT harmful to swallow semen when performing oral sex on a man. However, there are some precautions to take into account if you do not want to put your health at risk, we show them below.

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There is a false belief that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) or genital infections are only transmitted vaginally or anally, something completely wrong because the contagion can also happen during oral sex. That is why the use of condoms is also recommended in this practice, so you make sure you do not run unnecessary risks and enjoy the experience without worries.

Likewise, the importance of extreme hygiene of the intimate area before practicing oral sex cannot be overlooked. Both he and she should clean their genitals very well before having sex to avoid the spread of bacterial diseases. For more details, we recommend you consult the articles How to perform oral sex safely and Hygiene measures for oral sex.

What is the use of male sperm on the face?

Semen is a thick, whitish fluid that people with a penis expel through the urethra when ejaculating. It is composed of 90% seminal fluid and 10% sperm. Semen is the cab of the spermatozoa, since it allows them to be transported to the outside.

The taste will depend on what the person with a penis eats at any given time, and this will vary from person to person. One day the taste may be stronger and another day milder. Even if two people eat the same thing, the taste of their semen will be different.

Just like taste, the smell of semen is totally subjective. What for some people smells fantastic and excites them a lot, for others it can be very unpleasant and even cut them off to the point of losing the passion of the moment. So, to each his own!

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It is true that semen has nutrients derived from what we eat, so, culinarily speaking: no, it is not bad. The problem is that this fluid also contains our DNA and can transmit sexually transmitted infections. That’s why, if you want to do it, it’s best to make sure your playmate has been tested for STIs and doesn’t have any.

Benefits of a man ejaculating into a woman’s mouth

It is a thick, white fluid that is composed of a liquid in which sperm are suspended; it is produced by the secretions of different glands of the male reproductive system, mainly the prostate and testicles, and is expelled at the moment of ejaculation. That is semen and although it is loaded with bad comments and falsehoods we do not stop hearing rumors or myths about this amazing substance that are usually quite extravagant and even not very credible that’s why in this blog we are going to tell you what are the benefits of eating your partner’s semen. Let’s start:

For some people it is something unpleasant to taste or swallow semen, however the benefits that this can bring may change the idea because semen has numerous good things and chemical properties, including hormones, endorphins, neurotransmitters and more that we will tell you. For those who like to ingest semen we congratulate them because although doing so is a personal decision and completely free if you like to ingest semen you will have benefits such as:

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