What are the four different methods of communication?

What are the four different methods of communication?

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Having the gift of communication is key because it is a skill that allows us to stand out both professionally and personally. In fact, the success or failure of our social relationships depends on this skill.

In the act of communication, several elements intervene and have a determining influence on the process, which can favor it or get in the way, preventing effective communication. For this reason, knowing how to enhance communication skills is crucial.

Listening actively to the other person means understanding what he/she is telling you verbally, analyzing his/her gestures and identifying his/her purpose, and using gestures and phrases to confirm that he/she is being heard and understood.

If, for example, you need to solve a personal problem or criticize the work of an employee, it is very important to select the right moment. It is important to select a time when the issue can be dealt with calmly, without interruptions that would prevent the conflict from being resolved. In addition, it is important to do it in private, so as not to embarrass the person and make the situation worse.


The types of communication that companies employ will be determined by the size and type of company. Here we are going to detail those types of communication that can be found within an organization, that is to say that they can be produced both at a hierarchical level as well as in the line of workers.

The message to be conveyed during a communication can be spread in different ways. The way we use to communicate will depend on the position we occupy in the organization. Some of them may be:

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There is a notable difference between listening and hearing that any of us do not take into account on a daily basis, but in order to achieve effective communication it is very important to keep in mind that both are two verbs that have different meanings.

In order to listen, it is necessary to pay attention to what is being said and how it is said, trying to perceive the tonalities of the voice, the nuances of the voice, etc. Through listening to the voice, in addition to the message itself that is being transmitted, we can perceive emotions and psychological states of the sender.

Communication techniques examples

At the end of the 20th century, the mass media of that era could be classified into eight major mass media industries: books, the Internet, magazines, films, newspapers or journals, radio, recordings, and television. The explosion of digital communication technology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries raised the question: what forms of media should be classified as “mass media”? For example, it is controversial to include cell phones or video games in such a definition. It is also worth asking whether or not a process of media convergence is increasing.

At the end of the 20th century, mass media could be classified into eight mass media industries: books, Internet, magazines, films, newspapers, radio, recordings and television. The explosion of digital communication technology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries has highlighted the question of which media should be classified as “mass media.” For example, it is controversial whether cell phones, computer games (such as MMORPGs) and video games should be included in the definition. In the 2000s, a classification called “seven mass media” became popular.[citation needed] In order of introduction, they are:

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Communication methods examples

Knowing them will help us to choose the most suitable for our interests.  We must not forget that technology has changed the way we relate to each other and therefore, the different types of communication have been growing.

If you are interested in communicating your ideas or projects correctly, don’t miss this post in which I clarify what communication is and analyze the different types of communication and their characteristics.

Communication is the process by which we exchange information. It is the bridge or connection between different stakeholders, with the objective of informing, generating actions, transmitting an idea or creating an understanding.

Verbal communication consists of using words, sound or auditory signs to communicate with other people. In order to deliver our message, there are different types of verbal communication: oral and written communication.

It is about body language: gestures, looks, movements, postures… Involuntarily with our body we emit a series of signs that give a lot of information, that is to say, they communicate a message.

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