What are the problems with farm subsidies?

What are the problems with farm subsidies?

Community Agricultural Policy

To apply for this loan, you must complete a specific form, known as the FSA-2001 or Direct Loan Assistance Application. It can be found on the Federal Department of Agriculture’s website: www.fsa.usda.gov. You may also contact your local Department of Agriculture office.

The Farm Service Corporation, an agency of the state Department of Agriculture, offers several insurance options to protect against hurricanes and other risks such as fire and flood. Insurance can include coverage for crops as well as structures used in poultry, hydroponics and ornamental operations.

For assistance you should contact your regional office to begin the planning, application, rating and implementation process. For more information and to identify your regional office, visit the following link.

Provides assistance to farmers, agricultural cooperatives, non-profit organizations and other groups to address the restoration and sustainable use of natural resources (soil, water, plants, animals and air). Find more information here.

Who manages the CAP

In addition to the “routine” agricultural subsidies, such as those proposed annually by the CAP, and other periodic state or regional subsidies, there is a huge number of calls for all kinds that are intended to help you in your activity in the field.

Do not miss any subsidy that can help your farm to grow, whether they are conventional (such as the CAP) or those extraordinary and punctual that you may need. Has your region suffered a plague? It is possible that a subsidy may appear to help you.

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– Regional legislation. As we have already mentioned, regional legislation usually refers to special circumstances that require specific aid limited to a geographical area and a type of crop or agricultural situation. Regional legislation may also deal with rural development aid, whose funds usually come from the EAFRD (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) program.


The level of support to EU farmers within the overall EU budget reflects the many variables involved in maintaining access to high quality food, including income support for farmers, action against climate change and maintaining vibrant rural communities.

The European Commission regularly consults civil dialogue groups and agricultural committees to develop the best policies and regulations for the sector. Expert groups contribute their expertise to the European Commission, such as the Task Force on Agricultural Markets, which deals with unfair trade practices.

When planning, preparing and proposing new European legislation, the Commission carries out impact assessments that examine the need for EU measures and their potential impact. Impact assessments are a key part of the European better regulation program. Impact assessments were carried out in 2003 (mid-term review), 2008 [Health Check, SEC(2008) 1885], 2011 [CAP towards 2020, SEC(2011) 1153 final] and 2018 [support for strategic plans after 2020, SWD(2018) 301 final] in the agriculture and rural development sector.

Common agricultural policies

Grant for investments in processing, marketing and development of agricultural products (agri-food industries) RDP 2014-2020 – Call for proposals 2022 Grant for agri-food industries

Through this procedure, interested companies and entities apply for subsidies for actions that in the field of processing and marketing of agricultural products, tend to improve performance and economic development, promote quality products, promote innovation, internationalization, digitization, marketing, are respectful of: the environment, occupational safety, hygiene and animal welfare and, in turn improve the ratios of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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The applicant may object to the administration consulting this information. In this case, he/she must provide the corresponding documents proving this information at the time of making the application.