Which brand of hearing aid is best for tinnitus?

Which brand of hearing aid is best for tinnitus?

Tinnitus hearing aids price

Behind-the-ear hearing aids are devices that are placed behind the ear and, thanks to a thin transparent tube connected to an earphone, transmit sound to the inside of the ear canal. They are indicated for the treatment of medium-severe hearing loss and are available in different colors. They are also the best solution for the treatment of infant hearing loss.

ITE Endo-aural hearing aids are inserted at the entrance of the ear canal and are not very visible from the outside; as they are located inside the canal, there is no risk of them becoming entangled or falling out accidentally. They can be used by people with mild to moderate degrees of hearing loss and can be customized to blend in with skin and hair color.

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Tinnitus masking hearing aids

These are the figures on which Oticon bases its presentation of the Xceed Ultra Power: 87 dB and MPO of 146 dB, “but it is not only power, it allows access to speech in 360o of sound space with ultra-fast noise reduction even between words and connectivity with smartphones and other multimedia equipment thanks to Oticon’s exclusive TwinLink dual connectivity system”.

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Their technical underpinnings are supported by being built on the Velox X platform and include the advantages of their “best” hearing aids, Oticon Opn S. And for users of older power hearing aids, the prescriptive DSE Linear method can be selected. “Oticon Xceed provides maximum audibility and comfort for power hearing instrument wearers throughout the day and in dynamic situations,” the manufacturer notes.

Sounds to eliminate tinnitus

All hearing aids are battery operated and most of them are equipped with digital technologies that analyze the sounds in the environment, adjust them to the needs of each user and transmit them to the ear, through tiny speakers.

In our blog article “In-the-canal hearing aids: uses and benefits for the patient”, we discussed the five most common types of hearing aids, such as invisible in-the-canal (IIC), completely in-the-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC), half-concha and full-concha hearing aids.

But, on this occasion, in order to provide elements that consolidate or provide greater knowledge for the selection of the most appropriate hearing aid, we will refer to them with other names, equivalents, which we also use in the field of audiology.

Observe that the hearing aid is of a well-known brand, that it has a warranty that covers spare parts and labor for a certain period of time and that the treatment costs are within a manageable range.

Tinnitus treatment – miracle for tinnitus

Tinnitus has been described as a ringing, hissing, clicking or hissing sound, among others, in the ears that only you experience. It may be constant or it may come and go. The type and intensity of the noise depends on the person. It can be high-pitched, deep, low-pitched or even a changing tone.

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It can happen to you anywhere and at any time; while talking on the phone, during a presentation at work or even when you are just sitting quietly. You hear a noise that no one else seems to hear and that doesn’t seem to have a source. Whether the sound is mild or severe, occasional or constant, tinnitus can prevent you from concentrating and hearing what you want to hear.

Tinnitus can develop in people of all ages and backgrounds, but people who are older or who have been exposed to loud noises are especially at risk. These are the causes that can lead to tinnitus:

It is also associated with age-related hearing loss. As you age, the number of nerve fibers in your ears decrease, which can cause hearing problems associated with tinnitus.

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