Does eBay sell fake stuff?

Does eBay sell fake stuff?

On ebay they sell replicas

I wanted to tell you the case of my last purchase on ebay and for the record that I have bought many things. I was looking at a Kingston 128 gb flash drive and I was surprised because they were worth only 20 euros and sold as originals. The truth is that I did not trust at first but as I have not had any problems on ebay and also the payment was by paypal which is quite safe, I decided to buy it. Everything ok until here.

After 2 days of the purchase I get an email from ebay telling me that the item was withdrawn from sale for possible fraud and gave me the steps to recover the money. After my anger, I proceeded to claim the amount to paypal and had to wait 10 days for the seller to respond. The seller responded on the 9th day with a tracking code that was true. I waited for the pendrive to arrive and I was surprised when I saw that it came in its blister and was of the Kingston brand but when I tried it I had problems and the capacity was not 128gb and had no verification codes of authenticity. So I contacted Paypal to communicate it and after 4 days they decided to give me my money back.


Whether the item for sale is an original or simply an imitation, only the seller knows. The seller can indicate whether it is an imitation or a fake in the description of the ad, but of course, he would not sell it. That is why, when buying, you are guided by intuition, the seller’s votes and the country of origin where he sells.

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Of course, imitations are short-lived because of their poor quality and effectiveness. It is like when you buy an Iphone with a brand similar to the best known. Then the lights go on that they will give you a sad mobile, which will not serve you and that if it is configured for another area you will not even be able to start it.

Is it safe to buy on ebay

Read the listing of features and the publication in detail, and be suspicious of anything that will earn you a fabulous tech gadget for less than you expected to spend – a frequent pattern in cases like the one mentioned above. Also, research the seller and pay attention to whether his past history and transactions are in order; he may have registered just to pull this stunt. Fortunately, victims of this type of fraud usually receive a refund from eBay.

Check your PayPal account balance, rather than simply relying on the message you receive; and don’t click on the links it contains, but rather go to the PayPal site separately and directly. Also, make sure the e-mail doesn’t mysteriously arrive before eBay confirms the sale – this notification should always come first.

When buying a car on eBay, your seller will probably persuade you to complete the payment outside the platform. You’re thrilled with your purchase, so you make the payment and go get your new vehicle. When you arrive, the car is there, but the seller has no idea who you are, and says it’s not listed on eBay, or that no one has paid for it.

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Is it safe to buy on ebay 2021

I was scammed with a supposed online purchase, the seller told me that ebay would deliver it to me and they asked me to pay with ebay gift cards and I sent them, then I realized it was all a scam.

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