How old is Nanamo?

How old is Nanamo?


In it, finally the alliance between Mahito and Suguru Geto makes its move to try to seal Satoru Gojo, with several epic confrontations and several casualties for the wizards, undoubtedly the biggest loss felt by the fans was that of Nanami Kento.

The death of one of the main characters of Jujutsu Kaisen undoubtedly gave this arc the weight it deserved, but that was not all, because in addition to the initial shock, fans began to debate widely in networks about the author’s statements on the matter.

When I decided to start with everything related to the Shibuya incident, to be honest, I really liked Nanami. It’s easy for me to place him in any kind of plot. However, when I considered the roles for the story and character movement, I had no other choice.

Furthermore, in an interview for Fuji TV, the author of Jujutsu Kaisen also revealed that he had already planned the end of several characters, such as Itadori and Fushiguro, and it seems that Nanami’s death was similarly on that list.

Yūta okkotsu

Nanami runs away from the temple because Tomoe won’t accept her as his mistress; furthermore Onikiri and Kotetsu tell her that the ideal method to make Tomoe listen to her is to make him her familiar by kissing him on the lips and naturally Nanami refuses. On the way she meets an old woman who actually turns out to be a witch who longs for her goddess powers. When the young girl realizes her true identity she is pursued by the demon witch until she decides to ask Tomoe for help. Tomoe comes to her rescue, but does not help her, instead she sadistically observes her saying that she will only help her if she treats him as “-sama (in Japanese -sama is a suffix used to show respect towards an authority). Nanami decides not to listen to him and forcibly kisses Tomoe on the mouth to make him become her familiar.

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For this reason, Tomoe decides to go to school with her, to protect her from the possible “boyfriend” who will come looking for her. Almost at the end of the day at school, Nanami goes on her own to leave the homework she was doing with Tomoe, but she is kidnapped by Mizuki. The snake familiar of the goddess Yonomori, who actually died a long time ago, but Mizuki’s heart ache does not let him accept that reality.

Nanami jujutsu seiyuu

Shit, shamans suck. Sometimes, you have to force your comrades to agree to sacrifice their lives for others. That’s why I quit, or rather, you could say I ran away. I’m just a simple human with no concept of having anything worth “doing” or a “purpose in life”.

I used to be an office worker[5], so even after I quit, I wore business suits. His usual suit, consisted of a blue shirt, a light-colored tie with black dots[4], a blazer and tan pants[3], and on his feet he wore dress shoes.

As a student at Tokyo Metropolitan Technical College of Magic, he wore the school’s trademark black jacket with a high collar, fully buttoned, black pants and shoes, had long hair, and carried his sword sheathed inside a black suitcase[7]. After graduating from high school, he began wearing vertically striped jackets over a white button-down shirt and dark-colored tie with white dots all over, vertically striped pants and black shoes[8].


Although every viewer will have their favorite, one of the best is the sarcastic salaryman Kento Nanami, whose attitude and skill against curses or the most powerful curse in anime, make him stand out from the rest. La Verdad Noticias shares more details about Kento below.How old is Kento Nanami?

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Nanami and Gojo’s friendship is definitely a case of “opposites attract,” as evidenced by Nanami’s long-suffering attitude towards Gojo, but that’s what makes it so much fun to watch them interact. The pair is responsible for one of the funniest Juju Strolls ever made, after all.

Looks aren’t everything, but Nanami’s stylish twist on the everyday attire of a salaryman, with a stained tie to match his gun and very stylish sunglasses, gives him some extra style points.Nanami’s fashion sense is especially welcome in a show like Jujutsu Kaisen, where most of the characters wear variations of the same plain black uniform. By wearing something very different, Nanami is immediately identified with an attitude that contrasts with Gojo and the other senior sorcerers.It takes a special kind of person to exorcise curses in a suit and tie. On the other hand, earlier we explored about whether Satoru Gojo from the anime Jujutsu Kaisen is evil or just an epic character with excess power.

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