Is Battlefield 5 free?

Is Battlefield 5 free?

Battlefield 4

As it gets closer, the excitement for Battlefield 2042 is starting to reach a boiling point for fans of the franchise. DICE seems to be taking it in a new direction filled with bigger maps and game modes, as well as the highly anticipated Battlefield Portal.

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Battlefield 5 free steam

Just yesterday we had the They Shall Not Pass DLC completely free on Xbox One, but now we have the perfect opportunity to get the full title. Battlefield 1, the war title from Electronic Arts, is completely free for us to get our hands on it.

It should be noted that Prime Gaming will generate a code for us that we will have to redeem on Origin, EA’s PC app. Be careful with the timing of the promotion: until August 4 we will be able to generate the code and we will have until August 20 to redeem it on the platform.

If you are not an Amazon Prime Gaming subscriber, don’t worry, you can get Battlefield 1 without any problems. To do so, access this link and request the 30-day free trial. Once done, you can log in and register the game to have fun without problems. Keep this in mind, because from August 2 it will be Battlefield V that will be available.

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Amazon has updated the list of games that can be downloaded with Prime Gaming. The most prominent title in the promotion is Battlefield V, an action game set in World War II developed by Electronic Arts and DICE. Also on the list are other titles such as A Normal Lost Phone, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Lost Horizon 2, Metamorphosis, Planet Alpha and Secret Files: Tunguska.

Download games for free without Amazon PrimeYou can also download Prime Gaming games for free without having a paid subscription to Amazon Prime. This premium service offers a 30-day trial period to all new users, so you can create a new account without having to pay. Trial users are also eligible for Prime Gaming promotions.

Prime Gaming has been giving away free Battlefield franchise installments for the past two months in preparation for the launch of Battlefield 2042, coming to consoles and PC on October 22. In June they gave away Battlefield 4, in July they gave Battlefield 1 and now it’s Battlefield V’s turn.

Battlefield 5 steam

A couple of months ago we told you that ‘Battlefield 4’ was free for all users with an Amazon Prime account. Then it was ‘Battlefield 1’ the title in this series that was given away for free with the same method.

Now it seems that Amazon wants us to be well prepared for the release of ‘Battlefield 2042’, as on the Twitch rewards page we can find ‘Battlefield V’ for free.

Once we have this service, we have to link our Amazon account with Twitch. Already with this we just need to go to the rewards page that we mentioned before, where we will see several games available.

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This promotion is available since August 2 and will end on October 2. In fact, you can also continue to take advantage of the ‘Battlefield 1’ giveaway, as this expires until September 1. In addition to these two titles, they can also redeem seven others to enjoy them on the Amazon Games client.