Is Vue good for big projects?

Is Vue good for big projects?

Vuejs 2021

ReactJS, Angular and EmberJS are the most widely used frameworks on the market and have proven to be a guarantee of robustness and scalability. To this trio, VueJS has joined a season ago. A framework with which I have been working for a long time and of which I have tried to study each functionality.

Modularization in framework libraries is not something new in front-end development. Both ReactJS and Angular have a similar organization of their code base. What differentiates VueJS from other alternatives is how well decoupled these parts are, how easy it is to extend the core functionality and how well all its parts work once you decide to include more modules.

And so it would happen with many more functionalities. The amount of libraries available (whether created by the official developers or by the community) is so large and covers such a spectrum of functionalities, that it will be difficult to find ourselves helpless and without that indispensable utility.

Example vue js

You are probably wondering who uses VueJS. Companies like Xiaomi, Alibaba or Gitlab are some of its great exponents but if you ask around you, surely someone has been working with this framework for a long time.

As we said VueJS is a framework designed to make things simpler. But if you still have doubts to “get into its domains” maybe a review of its general features will help you decide.

If we want to make a very basic use of Vue and create a very simple application, we don’t need to use Webpack, nor do we need to install transpilers or anything else. Simply by importing the library in the HTML (from a CDN like cdnjs or unkpg) we can use Vue.

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The next step is to create the Vue object, in the property “el” we define the name of the main element where Vue is going to act and in data we define the properties of the class as the msg property with which we will be able to work later in the views.

Now we go with another example, a simple tic-tac-toe game. The source code can be downloaded from the following GitHub repository. To begin with we will use vue-cli, a command line interface tool that will help us to create the basic structure of the program.

Benefits of vuejs

Vue is considered a progressive framework, which means that it can be used both for very basic tasks, as an alternative to JQuery, and for more complex tasks such as the creation of a complete SPA (Single-page application).

It is precisely this versatility, one of the most outstanding advantages of Vue: no matter which of the above options you are going to develop, it will always offer excellent performance and development experience.

The templates are written in HTML, which makes adaptation to the framework very easy if you have already worked with this technology. However, by using Webpack and transpilers like Babel you can use what is known as Single File Components (.Vue), which is a combination of HTML + JS/TS + CSS/SCSS all in one.

Because of this, I consider Vue to be a more than viable option no matter what your goal is, since thanks to its good scalability and integration with third parties you can get an impeccable result.

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Javascript functionalities based on vue

The rise in popularity of Vue has many reasons. These include the simplicity of the framework, the ease of its integration into existing projects, the convenience of working with it, not too strong restrictions imposed on Vue applications. All of this also helps Vue compete with Angular and React. In fact, it seems that Vue is, in many ways, on par with other popular frameworks and libraries.

I decided to find out what they write about Vue’s shortcomings. While searching for relevant materials, I noticed that everywhere they say that Vue is not good enough for developing large-scale projects. Knowing Vue, I can safely say that this is not true.

We are talking about slots. They are used to provide an alternative way to represent parent-child relationships. Slots, i.e. <slot> elements, give the developer the ability to rearrange the code. Here is a simple example of how to use a slot:

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