What are the two phases of sprinting?

What are the two phases of sprinting?

In scrum, a short cycle of concentrated work is referred to as a “cycle of concentrated work.

We almost always think of teamwork as a series of relays or steps to follow on a production line. However, there are more creative ways to tackle day-to-day tasks in a company. For example, the scrum, one of the most relevant moves in rugby.

When organizational theorists and strategists Ikujiro Nonaka and Hirotaka Takeuchi analyzed the way Japanese technology companies team up, they found a framework similar to the one you saw in this video.

It’s an agile framework that includes fast delivery and high team decision-making power. It is ideal for software development projects, marketing and other areas where it is required to reach goals in the shortest time possible, with great flexibility to meet customer needs.

The Scrum methodology can be applied to all types of teamwork, as it helps to manage and structure projects effectively. As in the game of rugby, this methodology for companies works by bringing together the heads of the team members to manage the work.

Sprint planning

One of the doubts about agile development methodologies is about how they work. Given the possibilities offered by these work systems, it is important to know them in depth. Therefore, this article will explain how the life cycle of agile development methodologies works and how it differs from that of traditional ones.

Before being able to differentiate between the two working methods, it is necessary to know the traditional methodology in depth. It is basically focused on the creation of tangible products. That is to say, ships, bridges, cars….

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Its life cycle is in the form of a waterfall, since the organization of the projects is divided into different stages. And these stages are executed only once and in the established order. Thus, the next stage is not started until the previous one is validated and completed.

On the contrary, in the agile methodology there is no predefined order of the stages, but each team works in an interconnected way. This improves the result of each of the stages and allows a more dynamic and participative work routine.


A Sprint in Scrum could be said to be a defined project encompassed in a higher strategy. It aims to deliver a usable and effective product or service to the customer in a given time.

It is a daily meeting that should not exceed 15 minutes in duration and is established to synchronize work. In addition to evaluating what has been done, a plan for the immediate day is also established.

This Scrum must take place in the same place and at the same time each day. Each self-organized team issues its vision and its short-term objectives, in order to optimize internal communication and allow the different teams to match their tactics with each other.

The Sprint enters its development phase and we must prevent the objective from being modified, although the tactics and work of the different groups may vary at any time, either due to external influence or because the self-managed group itself has decided to do so.

Reviews are done periodically, however the retrospective is done only once, and signifies the closure of the process. Here we not only analyze the achievement or not of the objective, but also the work method, that is, we want to know if we have acted according to the guidelines established at the beginning of the Sprint.

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Sprint backlog

Scrum is an agile methodology for the development of projects that require greater speed and adaptability in their results. Executives who apply it in their organizations have two main objectives: to provide greater value of final products for their customers and to enhance flexibility in their processes. This is what the State of Scrum 2017-2018 study, conducted by the Scrum Alliance firm, indicates.

To better understand how this method is managed, the key is to know what its main stages are. Scrum is based on sprints, established intervals set by the company to generate a deliverable product. In each of them, mini-projects are developed to improve the efficiency of the main project. These are the main stages of Scrum:

If we understand the meaning of the sprint as a mini-project within the main project, each of them has a particular objective. For example, the first interval may be to consider what will be the general budget to be used, so a team of professionals with expertise in economics will be needed.

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