What is the benefit of using conventions in design?

What is the benefit of using conventions in design?

According to the java naming convention for constants, which of the following should you use?

Corporate events have always been part of any company’s marketing strategy. Today they are still held and that is because they are key for the business to grow and develop in its different areas.

The visibility that your brand gets, thanks to it, has resonance in your sector, as you will have sent invitations to key people. Therefore, people will soon be talking about you and this event that worked so well.

If you are a center or a company linked to the world of sports, you can organize a charity tournament where the proceeds go to an NGO or a social cause (fight against cancer, food bank, etc).

Of course, it can be your own agenda, but you can also use it to send notices to collaborators (for previous organization meetings) or guests (indicating the details of the activity).

Its great advantage is that, in addition, it allows you to integrate with your CRM to register the e-mails of the attendees (and you can follow up later with an eMail Marketing strategy).

Java naming convention

One person cannot handle the daily operations of your site. Many operators with real-time access to information are required. They won’t have to make extra phone calls, search through shared devices, or search through email inboxes.

Quickly and easily view and report on products and results, or simply check what’s happening when and where in your business. If your entire team is on the same page, they can produce events that become memorable experiences for your customers.

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When the event arrives at the venue, having an order processing system in place is crucial to its success. We have a complete package of services, including online and in-person ordering, inventory verification, internal routing of the request to the correct department, fulfillment and signature upon delivery, and secure payments.

Eliminate double data entry and save valuable time by having a single source for all your orders. Because everyone on your team is on the same page, you’ll be able to deliver outstanding customer service!

Python conventions

Bootstrap offers all the CSS rules you need to make your site dynamically adapt to the vast majority of screens and resolutions on the market. This has a lot to do with the way it works through the Grid System, which we’ll talk about later.

As is usually the case with most things, not everything is rosy, but we can also find its negative points. Among the main disadvantages that we can find when using Bootstrap are:

When starting to use Bootstrap in our projects, the first thing we must do is to include this framework in it, so that we can use everything it offers. To do this, the first thing to do is to access the page http://getbootstrap.com/. There we will see a button to launch the download.


In computer programming, the naming convention or naming convention is a set of rules for choosing the sequence of characters to use for identifiers denoting variables, types, functions, and other entities in source code and documentation.

Well-chosen identifiers make it significantly easier for developers and analysts to understand what the system is doing and how to correct or extend the source code to address new needs.

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It is an open research topic whether some programmers prefer shorter identifiers because they are easier to write or invent than longer identifiers, or because in many situations a longer identifier clutters the visible code and provides no apparent additional benefit.

Since whitespace in identifiers is not allowed in most programming languages, and simple concatenation can make a long name comprising several words confusing, a method of delimiting each word (so that subsequent readers can more easily interpret which characters belong to which word) is needed.