What is the difference between writing conventions and mechanics?

What is the difference between writing conventions and mechanics?

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Este artículo es una revisión teórica que comienza con una explicación de las nociones básicas de alfabetización y alfabetización disciplinar, seguida de una revisión de la literatura sobre investigación y aplicación didáctica de la alfabetización disciplinar. Se destacan dos formas complementarias de abordar estos temas: los estudios centrados en lo que hacen los miembros de una comunidad disciplinar para acceder y producir conocimiento mediado por textos, y los estudios que analizan las características y dimensiones de los géneros disciplinares, específicamente desde tres tendencias teórico-metodológicas: la escuela de Sidney, los nuevos estudios retóricos y la perspectiva sociocognitiva. El artículo concluye con una reflexión sobre los niveles educativos estudiados desde estas perspectivas ya que, si bien algunos estudios indican que pueden aplicarse en la escuela secundaria, las investigaciones en los países de habla hispana tienden a centrarse en la educación superior.

Otra cuestión por tomar en cuenta es que las nociones de literacidad disciplinar y alfabetización disciplinar suelen ser empleadas como sinónimos, aunque cada vez más la literatura especializada marca una distinción que conviene resaltar. En seguida presentamos una breve explicación de cada uno de los conceptos.

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Abstract: In scientific events, the Round Table as a presentation technique is becoming more and more frequent. The following paper presents details on how to plan, organize and execute a round table and suggests some elements to enhance its quality as a meeting with polemic intentionality.

The Round Table (RT) is a group technique for presenting the point of view of different people on a given topic with a polemic approach. The RT can be used as a form of presentation in a scientific event or in a teaching activity such as a seminar or workshop class.

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The emergence of this type of meeting has its antecedent in King Arthur’s legend about the Round Table or Round Table. This was a mystical table in Camelot around which the king and his knights sat to discuss matters crucial to the security of the kingdom.

– Expositors: Persons invited by the moderator, who have equal conditions to present their criteria. They are knowledgeable on the subject, but with different edges in their criteria, given by their expertise in subtopics or by their approach to them.

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Flower and Hayes extend Bitzer’s rhetorical situation to turn it a series of rhetorical problems, that is, when a writer has to represent the situation as a problem to be solved, such as invoking a particular audience to a simplified approach to finding a topic and completing the writing in two pages for Monday’s class. (472)

In “The Cognition of Discovery” Flower and Hayes set out to discover the differences between good and bad writers. They came up with three findings in their study, suggesting that good writers develop the following three characteristics when they solve their rhetorical problems:

Patricia Bizzell argues that even though educators may have an understanding of “how” the writing process occurs, educators should not assume that this knowledge can answer the question “about ‘why’ the writer makes safe choices in safe situations.”

For writing is always situated within a discourse community (484). She discusses how Flower and Hayes’ model relies on what is called the process of “translating ideas into visible language” (486). This process occurs when students “treat English writings as container stands into which meaning is poured” (486). Bizzell argues that this process “remains the empty box” in the cognitive process model, as it decontextualizes the original context of the written text, negating the original. He argues that “Writing does not so much contribute to thinking as provide an occasion for thinking…”

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On May 20, 2019, the modifications generated by the revision of the International System of Units (SI) carried out by the General Conference on Weights and Measures last November in Versailles will come into force, an activity described as the most important since the establishment of the Metre Convention in 1875.

The scientific community and industry will be able to obtain greater accuracy in their measurements thanks to this redefinition. Since natural constants have been chosen to adapt the units of measurement, the revised definitions will avoid modifications in the face of future improvements in the technologies that have been used to date for measurements.

The kilogram, for example, which was defined on the basis of a standard consisting of a 4-centimeter cylinder of iridium platinum, kept in a safe deposit box at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures since 1889 in France, will henceforth be defined on the basis of Planck’s constant.

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