What is writing conventions mean?

What is writing conventions mean?


An orthographic standard is a convention that governs the customary writing system of a language. In other words, thanks to spelling rules, speakers of a language are able to write and communicate in a unified way.    Here are some of the basic spelling rules, which, however, sometimes give rise to doubts.

If you have doubts about whether a word is spelled with B or with V, remember that after N, D or B, we always write V. If the word ends in – “bir”, we will write a B (with the exception of vivir, hervir or servir and derivatives). We will also choose B if it is followed by any consonant: obstruct, obtain, white, breeze….

These are two other consonants that generate doubts and about which spelling rules have been written. About these two letters, we will remember that all Spanish words ending with “aje” or “eje” use J. In this sense, we will keep in mind words like garaje or equipaje. For G, we will remember that it is always used in verbs ending in -irgerar, -ger or -gir. Such as “ingerir”, “aligerar” or “fingir” (with the exception of tejer and crujir).

Set of rules and conventions governing the writing system.

Spelling says a lot about us when we write, demonstrating to a great extent what our culture is in relation to the language we speak originally. Spelling, as you know, is a set of conventions and rules that govern the standard writing system.

The main thing could be the handling of accentuation in words and some orthographic signs. Generally you have to know how to create pauses and separate sentences and ideas within a text, for which commas and periods are essential, serving the first to separate ideas that in themselves are more related in a sentence or list or make explanations, while the points are used to separate sentences and ideas in addition to creating a major pause.

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There are also other types of punctuation marks important for spelling, but commas and periods are essential in this regard, it is also good to have full knowledge of colons, semicolons, parentheses, dashes and other cases.

Acute words

Spelling is the basis of good understanding. These are the reasons: Human language is a highly complex phenomenon that has been adding elements almost endlessly to the point of needing a set of rules and explanations that allow, when writing it, to understand the most complicated methodology, symbols and sounds. Orthography was born then as the most complete set of written rules and norms to understand how to write properly. Although these rules often seem arbitrary, they have a great reason for being, which is to differentiate different sounds that in oral language are confused and must be distinguished because they are produced in a different way. On the other hand, spelling is what allows one to understand what someone else writes, because if these rules did not exist, it would be really impossible in many cases to understand some words. It is considered that much of spelling is basically learned by continuous reading of texts rather than by memorizing each rule.

Directionality in writing

In computer programming, the naming convention or naming convention is a set of rules for choosing the sequence of characters to use for identifiers denoting variables, types, functions, and other entities in source code and documentation.

Well-chosen identifiers make it significantly easier for developers and analysts to understand what the system is doing and how to correct or extend the source code to request new requirements.

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It is an open research topic whether some programmers prefer shorter identifiers because they are easier to write or invent than longer identifiers, or because in many situations a longer identifier clutters the visible code and provides no apparent additional benefit.

Since whitespace in identifiers is not allowed in most programming languages, and simple concatenation can make a long name comprising several words confusing, a method of delimiting each word (so that subsequent readers can more easily interpret which characters belong to which word) is needed.