Where is the Disney convention?

Where is the Disney convention?

D23 disney 2021

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In April 2013, D23 and the TCM Festival teamed up for the 75th anniversary celebration of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Kirk Douglas was the chosen host to showcase the recent restoration of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, restored from the original negatives.[8] The events took place at the D23 Expo and the TCM Festival in April 2013, and were held at the D23 Expo.

Events were held at D23 Arena, Stage 23, Storytellers Theatre, and Walt Disney Studios Theatre. Many upcoming projects were announced, including an expansion of Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom, a film based on The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, a fourth film in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, a new Muppet movie, as well as clips and sneak peeks promoting projects such as Prep & Landing, Tangled, Beauty and the Beast in 3D, a set of vital Muppet videos, and a series of films with Guillermo del Toro.[18][19][18][19

D23 expo 2020

2. The Spider-Man affairWe told it a few days ago: Disney and Sony do not reach an economic agreement on Spider-Man, so the future of Tom Holland playing the character is more or less up in the air. A summary of the situation: Disney wants the next Spider-Man projects to be 50% co-financed by Sony and themselves, in order to get an equal amount of profit (currently they get five cents for every dollar raised). Currently, Sony finances 100% of the projects, and their refusal to the new agreement would also have to do with Disney owning all the rights to the merchandising related to the character, which they do not plan to give up. Disney has incited fans to call for a boycott of Sony, but there are optimists who believe that all this could be part of a marketing strategy between the two companies (a theory that would be founded after seeing Tom Holland as part of the promotional videos of D23), because Tom Holland has two new films of the character pending with Sony, and there are only two options: either reboot the story again or include him in another universe that has nothing to do with Marvel (complicated).

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D23 disney 2022

Among the projects for Disney+, one of the main ones is the live-action remake of ‘Lady and the Tramp’, the first one that will not go through theaters, but will go directly to the new platform. After seeing the first images of the film directed by Charlie Bean, a trailer or more images of the characters could be the news for this version, which will be very different from the 1955 original and will arrive in conjunction with Disney+, on November 12.

For the moment, D23 has confirmed an exhibition for Expo attendees where they will be able to learn more about the ‘Avatar’ universe. Visitors will be able to see props, costumes and models rarely seen off set. The expo will include a look at the creation of Pandora’s World at Disneyland in California.Taking advantage of that expo, Disney could announce information related to the long-awaited sequel being shot by James Cameron that will hit theaters in December 2021.

After an era in which sequels have predominated among its projects, Pixar has set its sights on completely original films. At D23, the acclaimed animation studio has the opportunity to offer updates on both ‘Onward’ and ‘Soul,’ both features will hit theaters in 2020. Most likely there will be more information on the former, which is directed by Dan Scanlon (‘Monsters University’) and will be released earlier, in March.On the other hand, it is also the opportunity to learn more about ‘Soul’, a project led by Pete Docter (‘Inside Out’), and of which only a brief synopsis is known. Given Docter’s background, he has also directed ‘Monsters S. A.’ and ‘Up’, fans are eagerly awaiting to know more about this ambitious project, very much related to one’s inner self.

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Disney expo 2022

Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe winning American actress Emma Stone was introduced for the first time as “Cruella”, while a new image of Angelina Jolie as “Maleficent” can already be seen.

This Saturday in Anaheim, California, the second day of the D23 Expo, the largest convention for Disney fans, was held, where the first image of “Cruella” was released, under the skin of Stone.

This is a prequel to “101 Dalmatians,” a film directed by Carig Gillespie and also featuring Emma Thompson, Paul Walter and Joel Fry. It is scheduled to hit theaters in May 2021.

This day also saw the release of the first images of Soul, the next Pixar film starring Tina Fey and Jamie Foxx. Pete Docter (Intensely, Up, Monsters, Inc) serves as director.

The image shows “Rey” (Daisy Ridley) and “Kylo Ren” (Adam Driver) facing each other with their respective sabers, blue and red, and behind them the sinister and defiant gaze of “Palpatine” stalking them.

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