Why do Romulans hate Vulcans?

Why do Romulans hate Vulcans?

Human Vulcans

Gene Roddenberry, creator of the cult series, wanted an alien on the bridge of the starship Enterprise to remind us all that the show was, first and foremost, an adventure in outer space. Spock, the pointy-eared science officer, might have become a cartoonish character were it not for Nimoy’s great acting talent and an unparalleled chemistry with his co-star, William Shatner as James T. Kirk.

The “casual viewer” of ‘Star Trek’ will say that Spock, like all Vulcans, lacked emotion. That’s not entirely true. In fact, some of the best episodes of the series were those that explored the Vulcan-human nature of this character.

Are Vulcans capable of lying? Capable of falling in love? “The Enterprise Incident” attempts to resolve both questions. In this episode, the ship is captured by an enemy race, the Romulans. The Romulan commander turns out to be a woman who offers Spock a place at her side in the space fleet and they even end up having a romantic dinner.

Vulcan Names

The Vorta are in the fictional Star Trek universe, an alien species originating from the Gamma Quadrant. They are protagonists of the confrontation between the Dominion and the United Federation of Planets and their Klingon and Romulan allies , recounted in the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine .

The Vortas are devoted body and soul to their Dominion Masters. If one of them expresses doubts, he is killed and replaced by his clone. Vortas have no social or family life. Everything they do only serves the interests of the Founders.

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Romulan and Vulcan

– The Gap. Phlox faces an ethical dilemma when he has to cure a patient who refuses to be treated because of the prejudice he has against the Denobulans for the ancient war crimes they committed against his race. On the other hand, Trip, Malcolm and Travis have to go down to some subway caverns to rescue some Denobulans who have been trapped there. Routine episode that contributes nothing and is also filmed in a totally routine way.

– First flight. Following the death of a good friend, Archer recalls before T’Pol the first steps of humanity trying to overcome the Warp 2 barrier. In passing we see how Archer became captain of the Enterprise and how his friendship with Trip began. A rather emotional episode, narrated by flashbacks, and that counts as a gift with the grateful presence as guest star of the always more than correct Keith Carradine. The more than evident complicity between Carradine and Bakula is one of the best virtues of the episode. But I want to know why Archer looks older when he was young (in the flashback) than he does later, when he is already captain of the Enterprise.

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My knowledge of Star Trek is limited to TNG and DS9. I didn’t see TOS.MythicI don’t know what canon is like, but I seem to remember something about first contact being the Klingons crash landing in Kansas. Also, they’re initially cooler as enemies and work well with Federation stuff turning them into allies.ValorumBecause it’s perfectly possible to be honorable but not as someone. That said, you may want to keep in mind that while Klingon

Klingon personal morality we see is often violently at odds with their stated intentions.miltonautKlingon honor is not the same as Earth honor.SpencerBecause TOS came at the height of the Cold War and TNG came in the era of the

I am a Romulan.Paul DraperAn honorable Klingon declares war honorably, fights honorably, dies honorably, and wins honorably. Honorable is the opposite of treacherous, not hostile.ricksterWhy were Japan and the United States enemies in WWII, given the cultural significance of the honorable and righteous warrior in Japanese tradition? The ideals for individual behavior and nation-state policies are not always the [email protected] Bushido also requires being fiercely loyal to one’s superiors. In Star Trek terms, it can also be seen during DS9 attributed to the Klingons in a distorted manner very similar to how it applied during WWII. Martok, who completely disagrees with Gowron’s tactics, still obeys him loyally almost to his inevitable demise due to that code of honor,

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