Are there any publicly traded ammunition manufacturers?

Are there any publicly traded ammunition manufacturers?

Lockheed martin

SCHWANENSTADT, Austria and PARIS, Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – The breakthrough has been achieved – a new generation of ballistic protective helmets with real protection against long weapons: ULBRICHTS Protection presents the new “RIFLE-Helm-Family” (“RIFLE-Ballistic Protective Helmet-Family”).

Real protection exists only if it is not only possible to stop a projectile, but also to prevent a so-called strong “Backface Deformation” and to reduce the remaining energy to an energy of less than 25 Joule, which is lethal.

The mission of ULBRICHTS Protection is to provide special commandos and patrolling police officers who are the first responders with the best protection against threats from small arms and long arms.

ULBRICHTS Protection ballistic protection helmets are the first choice in First-Responder ballistic protection helmets as well as in ballistic protection helmets for special units and police units.

Arms industry

The biotechnology firm BioAmmo has completed an investment of 8 million euros to open the world’s first factory for biodegradable cartridges for hunting and sport shooting in the Segovia town of Santa María la Real de Nieva.

Since the alarms were raised against the threat of the new coronavirus in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, the biotechnology community has not stopped increasing its efforts in the study of the virus. The biotech sector, as it did in the crises caused by other diseases such as Ebola, avian flu, tuberculosis or AIDS, is redoubling its efforts in research and the development of technologies and solutions to curb the pandemic.

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After spending some 1 billion on medical supplies, mainly destined for China, the Ministry of Health has realized that the best way to be prepared for a possible resurgence is to ensure a sufficient and quality supply within its borders.

Boston dynamics shares

Expal, part of the MAXAM group, is engaged in the manufacture of 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortar systems and grenades. It specializes in artillery ammunition and projectile charges, grenade fuses, aviation shells and bombs, plastic explosives and demolition devices.

Specialized in weapons and armored vehicles, it is part of the European Land Systems Group of the U.S. company General Dynamics. Its factories are located in Granada, Seville and Oviedo.

In its origins, Instalaciones Zaragoza, S.L., its specialty is single-use infantry weapons, bombs and grenades, night vision devices to be used with assault rifles for observation and surveillance. Its production facilities are located in Zaragoza.

Arms sales companies

This move comes on top of United Technologies’ giant purchase of aviation components manufacturer Rockwell Collins, a deal valued at US$30 billion and considered the largest acquisition to date in the aerospace industry.

It is an aerospace and military giant. It is the largest U.S. military contractor, especially to the Department of Defense, including the Army, Navy, Air Force and Special Operations.

It sells manned and unmanned warplanes, satellite systems, space technology, missiles and defense, intelligence and security systems. This division is valued at US$30 billion and has 50,000 employees worldwide.

BAE Systems plc. is a British company, military contractor and commercial aircraft manufacturer. In the United States it has the subsidiary BAE Systems Inc. Among its best known products are the Eurofighter Typhoon, F-35, F-35B, Hawk, Harrier, Tornado GR4, Taranis.

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