How Much Is Cam Newton worth?

How Much Is Cam Newton worth?

Newton’s Binomial. Learn math.

“How can you not get romantic about football?” said one of the NFL’s best QBs recently, and that phrase fits perfectly for the moment every Carolina Panthers fan is going through. Just like those stories of a romance between two people who had to drift apart because it wasn’t working out and they didn’t feel on the same page, but after a while realized that each was doing better with the other by their side, that’s exactly what happened between Camn Newton and the Panthers.

We must not forget that even though Carolina has a negative record, it is only 0.5 away from the playoffs, since the seventh seed to go to the Wildcard is being occupied by the Falcons, whose team has a 4-4 record and one of the losses was against these same Panthers. So the hope for Carolina fans is not only to see Cam in the team’s jersey again, but to compete with him at the helm.

I started watching the NFL around 2010-2011, but not very consistently. In 2012 the sport started to grow on me and in 2014 I ended up falling in love. The intelligence and strategy with which the game is played is something that made me value it a lot.

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Mostly the QB’s impact was in the red zone, as we saw Josh McDaniels use many plays with Cam getting the ball straight up and carrying it into the promised zone. That was exactly 139 touches by Cam Newton carrying the ball, his second highest amount.

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To give you an idea, Damien Harris accumulated 142 as the Patriots’ leading rusher and only generated 2 touchdowns, even though he will share the backfield with James White (who has his role through the air) and rookie sensation Rhamondre Stevenson, Harris is the best option to choose in Fantasy Football from round 5 it is not unreasonable to take him being a great steal from round 7 onwards.

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The above, despite the fact that head coach Bill Belichick confirmed that although the quarterback could return to camp this Thursday, in case the Coronavirus tests remain negative, “we will evaluate everything the way we always do: based on the information we have”.

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In that sense, the information adds that “a window has opened” for rookie Mac Jones to overtake Newton as the starting quarterback, to such an extent that he has monopolized the repetitions of the initial practices in the absence of the former Carolina Panthers.