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On the third episode of Embedded UFC 225, Colby Covington talks about being the ‘villain,’ while the Australian fighters have a particular photo shoot and CM Punk attends a game.

With an aponent ready for his first fight, CM Punk has unprecedented motivation, but must slow down his training to recover from surgery. Punk’s opponent Mickey Gall prepares to face him.

CM Punk faces the challenge of a real fight for the first time. UFC 203 will welcome the wrestling star to the octagon. How is he preparing for his bout against Mickey Gall? Watch it here.

Wrestling star CM Punk is preparing for his transition to MMA, but the process of becoming a fighter may be tougher than expected. See how CM Punk deals with real combat situations.

CM Punk is determined to be a star in UFC, however the reality of the sport may be harder than he thought. Watch the first episode of ‘The Evolution Of CM Punk’ and don’t miss his debut against Mickey Gall at UFC 203.

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No es de extrañar que CM Punk cite al radical “Rowdy” Roddy Piper como influencia de su infancia. Al fin y al cabo, Punk es la encarnación del antisistema, cuya habilidad para encender “bombas de tubo” verbales sólo tiene como rival al propio “Hot Rod”.

Punk tiene incluso el aspecto de un rebelde con sus innumerables tatuajes y piercings. Sin embargo, se muestra mucho más filosófico de lo que su exterior podría sugerir, y ha mostrado una serie de intereses diversos que incluyen la caza de fantasmas, G.I. Joe y el movimiento “Straight Edge”, una subcultura que rechaza el uso de drogas, alcohol y un estilo de vida de dependencia.

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Tras ese logro histórico, la superestrella Straight Edge continuó desafiando incluso a los competidores más elevados, enfrentándose a la legendaria Streak de The Undertaker en WrestleMania 29, entablando una guerra infernal con Brock Lesnar en el SummerSlam de ese año y luchando y derrotando de alguna manera a los tres miembros de The Shield en un único combate en Raw.

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On November 9, 2005, CM Punk became the OVW Television Champion by defeating Ken Doane after an interference by Brent Albright. After this, he began a feud with Albright, whom he faced on numerous occasions. Also CM Punk wrestled on RAW’s sister show, Heat against Simon Dean and Maven teaming with Chad Coyller losing and later being attacked by the winners.

Prior to his official WWE debut, Punk appeared briefly in John Cena’s entrance at Wrestlemania 22 as one of the men in hats with guns, plus this Wrestlemania was held in Punk’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois. On May 25, 2006, Punk made his ECW debut, defeating Stevie Richards. Punk made his television debut on July 4 on ECW on Sci Fi, in a video featuring his lifestyle, the “Straight Edge”. Punk finally made his television wrestling debut on August 1, 2006, defeating Justin Credible. CM Punk remained undefeated in ECW, defeating opponents such as Christopher W. Anderson, Stevie Richards and Shannon Moore.

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Making his debut as the Straight Edge, Cm Punk was climbing positions, among his first achievements were the ECW championship and two consecutive Money in the Bank briefcases. His definitive consolidation would come after a glorious pipe bomb in 2011. From then on he would be known as The Best in the World and his fantastic wrestling led him to achieve a record of over four hundred days as WWE champion.

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However, his relationship with the company was deteriorating. Despite his status as champion Punk never had the opportunity to occupy stellar positions. His health problems and dissatisfaction with his creative management led to his departure after the 2014 Royal Rumble event.