Is AAPL a good buy right now?

Is AAPL a good buy right now?

Benefits of buying apple stock

The markets have just opened in the United States, and you may have seen a brutal plunge in the value of Apple stock. There is no cause for alarm: the Apple stock split has gone into effect, just as it did back in June 2014. As of today Apple has four times as many shares as last week, but the value of each share is divided by four.

It is a 4 to 1 split that had already been announced at the last financial results press conference. If you had Apple shares in your possession, from now on you will see that you will have four times as many shares but with a total value that remains the same. The individual value of each share is divided by four.

Apple shares will rise

With generous borders surrounding its 10.2-inch IPS/LCD panel with a resolution of 2,160 x 1,620 pixels, A12 chip and stereo speakers, its strengths include its simplicity, great autonomy and, like the rest of the family, the possibilities of iPadOS 14.

As it is also compatible with the keyboard and Apple Pencil and has a front camera, it is a very interesting tablet for taking notes or videoconferencing, two common tasks among students.

The iPad (2020) is available from 379 euros in its most popular version.

Investing in apple 2021

Wall Street leads with the world’s largest technology companies, although since November it has been in “selective rotation”, scaring the whole market with a drop that turned out to be aggregate. Apple is the protagonist of the “fourth technological revolution” over traditional companies. It is ranked 1st in market capitalization, according to its share price. Technically, the…

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It is the stock that I look at as a thermometer of the market many times and today, after a great balance, manages to defuse the possibility of 5 downward waves, which I think is not a minor fact (exceeding 168 usd cancels the wave 4 count).

We created this Apple chart to show the updates we have made to “Candlestick Patterns”, a new way to automatically detect a specific candlestick formation. It’s easy and fast. One click can detect almost any candlestick pattern, from a bearish engulfing candlestick to the top of a shooting star.

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that you traded a breakout and then the price turned around and went against you? There isn’t a trader who hasn’t had that happen to them. The Hikkake pattern seeks to take advantage of this type of situation in our favor.

Buy apple shares

Published: 11 January, 2022 by claudioThe Apple company is one of the most renowned in the field of technology, so it is natural that many are interested in learning more about it and see it as a very lucrative option to buy shares.

In this guide you will learn about the history of this American company, which is considered among the best stocks to invest in 2022. We will explore the topic related to the best Brokers to invest in this company, for example XTB allows you to buy Apple shares with 0% commissions: excellent conditions for all types of investors!

Apple shares are traded on Nasdaq with ticker AAPL. If you want to buy, sell or trade Apple stock, you need to understand the details of the business, as well as the factors that influence the stock price.

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Sales of the popular iPhone are said to be one of the main drivers of the stock price. One of the most important factors to watch out for in the coming months is Apple services, one of the best stocks in history.