Is Rolls Royce a good investment?

Is Rolls Royce a good investment?

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Obviously, when buying Rolls Royce shares we are not going to refer to the segment dedicated to the sale of vehicles, since, in this case we would be talking about the BMW shares of which the British brand is a subsidiary.

The platform has been operating for more than a decade, enjoying the trust of millions of users and being a market reference both for its individual model when investing with contracts for difference, and for being an innovator in automated investment systems through copy trading. Very much in line with its concept of social trading.

eToro, regulated and registered in our country in the CNMV, allows us to invest not only in Rolls-Royce shares, but also in a large number of shares, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, etc.. All this with a simple operation, very low spreads, and a model of use really accessible to any investor profile, even with little experience.

Copy Trading provides a proprietary and innovative system of automatic investment. It is a very interesting model for both novice and experienced investors. The system allows to replicate in an exact (and automatic) way the investment of specialized traders. We can select them by analyzing their profitability, the risk rating provided by the platform and of course always analyzing the portfolio we are going to copy.


Generally these collectors have their own investment criteria depending on the type of cars that pique their interest, however, broadly speaking we can summarize them into five collecting categories:

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The world of motoring arouses passions and the good collector maintains a continuous connection with the classic car market and the future of the automotive industry. Creating a collection is an art, it involves a lot of effort and dedication, as well as knowing how to detect the right moment to buy a car of these characteristics.

Legendary cars of the Dakar Rally

As cruel as it sounds, it’s a reality that has happened before: historically, terrible things like pandemics have resulted in increased spending. When the 1918 influenza pandemic hit, it killed 50 million people and infected 500 million. What followed was a cultural and economic boom in Europe and the United States that lasted a decade. Similarly, after the cholera pandemic claimed major British and French casualties in the early 1830s, both countries responded with their respective industrial revolutions.


There, on a 17-hectare estate in the middle of nature, some 300,000 bees benefit from the variety of plants and flowers in the area, in the South Downs National Park. The Rolls-Royce factory also has the largest plant-covered roof in the whole of England, covering an area of three hectares.Goodwood Apiary was born in 2017. For this, Rolls-Royce built and installed on its grounds six wooden beehives with a stainless steel plate each on which the craftsmen of the bespoke division, responsible for personalized cars, have engraved the name that identifies each one and which corresponds to five models of the brand: Phantom, Wraith, Ghost, Dawn and Cullinan. The sixth is named after the famous Rolls-Royce angel on the hood: the Spirit of Ecstasy.

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