Was the German Luger a good gun?

Was the German Luger a good gun?

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The Luger, the Winchester and the Mauser are today collector’s items, the Kalashnikov is still manufactured Three of them, the Luger, the Winchester and the Mauser, are among the most sought after and coveted by collectors, with high market value if they are original. They are pieces that have not been manufactured for decades (in the case of the American one, versions have been made that have nothing to do with the originals). This is not the case of the AK-47, the best-selling weapon in history, which with its new versions continues to be part of armies and guerrilla groups all over the world: more than 100 million Kalashnikovs have been manufactured.

Winchester, symbol of the Far West and Indian genocide American cinema has succeeded in associating this lever-action and repeating rifle in the West with the iconography of the wild times of the “American West”. This is the most benign version of a story that was nurtured through films such as Winchester 73, directed by Anthony Mann and starring James Stewart. But the truth is that its appearance, in 1866, also helped to make the repression and extermination of the Native Indian peoples more effective by the U.S. Army and the settlers.

Luger p08 pistol for sale

When we talk about the Colt 45 M1911, we are undoubtedly talking about one of the major milestones of pistols worldwide, being already a classic weapon of military history. Although it was put into operation by the United States in 1911, many of the different versions of this 11.25 millimeter semi-automatic pistol are still in operation today.

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This effective, reliable, simple and robust pistol is based on a Browing model of 1897 that was improved until it resulted in the Colt 45 M1911, which is for many military experts, the best short gun ever manufactured, taking into account the time in which it was manufactured and the armament development that existed at that time. What is clear, after serving in two world wars with little modification, is that the Colt is no ordinary weapon.

Although the Colt was the weapon of choice for U.S. forces, military police and some Navy personnel also used the Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 caliber revolver.

Luger P08 pistol price

The Walther P38 is a 9mm caliber semi-automatic pistol that was developed by Walther as the standard Wehrmacht pistol at the beginning of World War II. It was intended to replace the expensive Luger P08, which was scheduled to cease production in 1942.

Several experimental versions were later created for the .45 ACP and .38 Super cartridges, but these were never mass-produced. In addition to the 9 mm caliber version, some versions using the 7.65 x 21 Parabellum and .22 Long Rifle cartridges were also produced and sold.

After the war, most of Walther’s machinery ended up in France as war repairs and many of the post-war P38 pistols were actually built in France, by the Manurhin factory from May or June 1945 until 1946. These pistols can be identified by the presence of a 5-pointed star stamped on the slide. Total German production was estimated at just over 1,000,000 Walther P38 pistols. Production of the P38 was resumed at the new Walther factory in Ulm, West Germany, under the name Pistole 1 (P1) in 1958 for the Federal German Police and the Bundeswehr. It continued to be produced by Walther, in various revised models, until the early 1990s.

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German mauser pistol

Alex Yesid Álvarez Pérez, alias ‘Alexito’, was arrested when he was intimidating a person on Diamante street in El Milagro neighborhood with this weapon to steal a man’s belongings. The young man was placed at the disposal of the authorities for the crime of trafficking, manufacturing and carrying of firearms, parts or ammunition.

The Attorney General’s Office will determine whether the seized gun will be sent to a museum for its historical value, since it is considered a relic used by the German army during the two world wars, for the exclusive use of the officers of the Third Reich.

“It is a weapon manufactured by Germany and they were used during the two world wars, both in the first and the second. There are two weapons seized in Cartagena with these characteristics in the same sector,” said Colonel Jorge Carrillo, deputy commander of the Metropolitan Police.

The high officer revealed that the pistol seized from ‘Alexito’ is in good condition. “It is not so destroyed or rusty. It is a .22 caliber weapon, that is to say the caliber is commercial. It would have to undergo some studies, and that will be taken care of by the Prosecutor’s Office, to see if it works or not,” explained Colonel Carrillo.

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