What companies does Remington Arms own?

What companies does Remington Arms own?

Why an Artemis M16 PCP postgun rifle (manufactured by Remington Arms Company LLC in the U.S.A., lot/item no. X-Mark Pro (“XMP”)?

Product: Remington Model 700 and Seven rifles with X-Mark Pro (“XMP”) triggers, manufactured by Remington Arms Company LLC in the U.S., lot/parcel No. 93.03, sold between May 1, 2006 through April 9, 2014.

Risk: The rifles involved have a potential trigger defect due to an excess of the bonding agent used in the assembly process, which under certain circumstances could result in unintended firing or discharge, posing a probable risk of accident, injury and even death.

Instructions: The company is taking actions with its distributors to identify and quarantine any of the affected products in the distribution chain and alert its consumers. In addition, it calls on its consumers to contact the company through the indicated channels in order to proceed with the replacement of the defective trigger. This is free of charge for the customer.

Miami gun show, an arsenal to arm yourself to the hilt

For more than two centuries, the company founded by Eliphabet Remington has gone through every possible situation, including the two extreme poles. However, it has never known more complex times than those it is going through right now.

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Remington is in technical bankruptcy, and has had to resort to the umbrella of U.S. corporate law to structure its debt and satisfy creditors lurking with multi-million-dollar claims.

Contrary to what might be assumed, the arrival of a pro-gun president in the White House has not favored gun companies. Republican Donald Trump positioned himself from the outset in favor of the right of citizens to carry a gun, quite contrary to his presidential rival, Hillary Clinton, who favored stricter gun control.

The fact that Trump is pro-gun gives citizens the perception that there is no risk of tougher regulation, so they don’t buy them as eagerly. And that has been felt by manufacturers’ accounts.

How the country’s only gun factory operates

In 1912, Remington and Union Metallic Cartridge were combined into a single entity, called Remington UMC. Even today, Remington produces U.M.C. brand ammunition. In 1915, the plant in Ilion was expanded and with this expansion was consolidated into the same plant that exists today. During World War I, Remington produced weapons under contract for several Allied powers. Remington manufactured Berthier Mle 1907/15 rifles for France, Enfield Pattern 1914 for the United Kingdom, and Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 for Imperial Russia. As the war intensified, Remington’s production grew ever larger.

When the United States entered the war, Remington became deeply involved in the war effort. Notable contributions by Remington include the development and production of the M1917 U.S. Rifle, (a simplified version of the British Enfield P.14 in .30 caliber) and the development of the Pedersen device.

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Late in the war, the collapse of the Russian provisional government had a serious impact on Remington’s finances. Russia had ordered huge quantities of arms and ammunition, but ran short of money to pay for the orders. It delayed payment, pointing to alleged defects in Remington’s products. When the Bolsheviks seized power during the Russian Revolution, they repudiated the contract altogether. Remington was left with huge stocks of arms and ammunition and no prospect of payment. The intervention of the U.S. Government was able to save the company from bankruptcy. Noting the explosive growth of business at the beginning of the war and the precipitous decline at the end, Remington made the decision to promote and emphasize their sporting goods line. They considered hunting products a more stable business that could help them survive future ups and downs in demand.

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The Remington 700 range is one of the most appreciated and popular of the American manufacturer. The rifles in this range are bolt-action and have a high reliability.  Remington 700 rifles can be purchased in various calibers and are equally appreciated as hunting rifles and sporting rifles.

Remington also has a series of rifles that are ideal for tactical and long-range shooting. Their high reliability and accuracy make these rifles perfect for long-range shooting.

This Remington range is the most affordable that the American brand has. However, despite their low price in comparison with other ranges from the same manufacturer, the Remington 783 rifles provide great performance for both hunting and shooting.

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