Do all doctors cost the same?

Do all doctors cost the same?

Medical definition who

(**) Places chosen in 2010-13 in the second call (mainly for non-EU doctors affected by the quota for foreigners who had not been able to choose in the first call). In 2011, all the family medicine positions were filled in the first call for the selection process. In 2012, 243 family medicine positions were filled in the second call for applications. In 2013, 279 family medicine positions were filled in the second call. In 2014, the Ministry abolished the 2nd call.

If you are affected by the quota of foreigners, the exhaustion of most of the specialties for you will coincide with the cut-off of the quota of foreigners in the first call of the acts of choice of places:

There is only one exam, there is only one list of places and there is only one list of order no. of all those admitted to the MIR ranked according to their results in the test (90% of the exam + 10% of the academic scale).

In the MIR 2019, the special shift for the disabled started at the beginning with a reserve of 533 places (7% of the total number of places offered). Of the 77 candidates presented for this shift who obtained the order number, 40 of them chose a place during the assignment acts, and 28 did not appear to choose. The vacancies of this shift were automatically incorporated to the general shift during the same period.

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Gregorio Marañón

Although it is the fastest way to save on waiting times, to obtain different medical opinions for the same pathology and a quick diagnosis in time, as well as to decide where to perform a health service, private insurance also has its drawbacks, since not all insurers and contracts are the same.

In the end, what many of us do is not worry about the real cost of these things and, therefore, we are unaware that, for example, spending a day in the hospital costs an average of 650€ per day, or that a serious complication in a newborn who must remain in the ICU is one of the most expensive costs in healthcare, amounting to an approximate bill of 90,000€ to save a human life.

Despite the fact that medical devices, medical equipment, medicines and hospital stay have been reduced in price and time, a knee prosthesis, something frequent in our country, still means an average of 3 days in the hospital, the cost of the prosthesis itself and the fees of the medical team. And as it should be intuited, the minimum invoice figure is around 6000€.

Paciente enfermo

Fundación del Consejo Americano de Medicina Interna (AMBI). Choosing wisely: patient resources. Consultado el 29 de octubre de 2020.Sitio web de los Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades. Vea qué pruebas de detección y vacunas necesita usted o un ser querido para mantenerse sano. Actualizado el 29 de octubre de 2020. Accedido el 29 de octubre de 2020.Sitio web de Centros de Servicios de Medicare y Medicaid de Estados Unidos. Preventive health services. Consultado el 29 de octubre de 2020.US Preventive Services Task force. Browse information for consumers. Consultado el 29 de octubre de 2020.

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With the European Health Insurance Card you can receive health care, and request reimbursement of expenses, under the same conditions as the citizens of the country where you are. If the treatment you need is free for residents of the country, you will not have to pay anything. If the treatment is paid for, you can claim reimbursement from the national agency of the country where you are staying and get it there, or claim reimbursement from your insurer when you return to your home country.

Anna has compulsory medical coverage in France, and is spending a few months in Belgium to finish her studies. She is carrying her European Health Insurance Card, issued in France. She is pregnant and will give birth in Belgium. Pregnancy and childbirth are considered medical emergencies, so Anna can simply present her EHIC and identity card to receive medical care in Belgium.

However, if Anna is traveling to Belgium specifically to give birth, Belgium may not accept her European Health Insurance Card: she should instead make arrangements to give birth abroad before she travels. That way she will know in advance what expenses are covered.

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