Do you have to pay solicitors fees upfront when buying a house?

Do you have to pay solicitors fees upfront when buying a house?

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A foreclosure is a type of lawsuit filed by a lender to collect money overdue on a mortgage loan (a loan secured by your home). After the foreclosure is filed, you or a person in your household will receive a summons that will be hand delivered to you by a sheriff’s clerk or a private employee of the lender. The summons states the facts of your foreclosure case. The summons also tells you where and when you need to file an answer and the summons will give you more information about your rights. When you receive your foreclosure papers, you need to do the following:

File an answer at the Lake County Courthouse within thirty days from the date you received your foreclosure paperwork. There is a fee to file an appearance. If your income is low, you may not need to pay the costs to file your answer. If you file an answer, you will receive notice of all court proceeding dates and also the date of the sale of your home.

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Who is the client of a real estate agent: the seller of a property or the buyer, or both? Traditionally, real estate agents have limited themselves to charging a commission to the owner for the sale of the property according to the final amount of the transaction. Now, some agencies also ask for pledge money -about 3,000 euros- from buyers just for accessing the ‘bargains’ that the market serves up.

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“We always return the money,” says a salesperson at the real estate agency TengoTuCasa, which handles around 10 requests of this type per month. In the agencies they assure that “it is not a filter” but “a guarantee that we offer to both parties. If after 15 days the transaction is not closed, we refund the money to the buyer,” they say.

In view of these contracts, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) considers that the formula “is more than dubious”. “Legally the documents are confusing, because it is not clear who signs as the recipient of a sum of money advanced ‘as proof of the intention to consummate the contract’,” says Ileana Izverniceanu, its spokesperson.

How to calculate a lawyer’s fee

Do you want to sell a property in Marbella and you are not sure what your costs will be? It is highly recommended to research this beforehand. Before you put your property up for sale, sometimes even before you buy a property, especially if it is an investment, so you will have all the cards in advance!

You only pay if you have received an income from the sale of your property, and a different tax applies if you are non-resident (24%), resident (19%) if you are an EU/EEA citizen, or if you are selling a company (25%). All expenses you have incurred, both on the purchase and sale (notaries, registration, lawyers, purchase taxes, agents’ commissions, etc.) are taken into account. Only the remaining difference is considered income. In addition, renovations, depending on what they are, can also be considered. Of course, you should have all the official invoices for each item at hand.

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If you decide to use a professional real estate agent to sell your property in Marbella, you can always contact us. It is not necessary to use an agent, but using the right ones can increase the chances and speed of the sale. In Marbella, the agent’s fees in a sale process are always paid by the seller, never by the buyer, and are normally established beforehand when the property is put up for sale. It is important to remember that the agent, like a lawyer or any other professional, must apply 21% VAT to the amount when issuing his invoice.

Who pays the lawyer’s fees

Sometimes, the lawyer may receive from third parties and clients funds of a different nature than professional fees (compensation for accidents, amounts resulting from a court conviction, sums resulting from transactions, legal costs, etc…).

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