How much does it cost for a childminder?

How much does it cost for a childminder?

How much does a kindergarten cost in spain

In general, the task of finding a kindergarten to take our children to is closely linked to the mothers’ return to work. That is to say, the decision is usually related to necessity, once the period of maternity leave is over.

However, the method of rating referred to by this mother located in Madrid is not only specific to this community, but is also used in Galicia, Extremadura, Castile and Leon, Murcia, Aragon and Andalusia. In general terms, a series of criteria and corresponding points are stipulated, such as whether both parents work, the annual income of the family unit, the proximity of the home to the center or whether there are other family members already attending the same daycare center. These factors add or subtract to access to the place and also to obtain, in case there is one, a grant or subsidy.

The Galician measure also extends to private centers that wish to join, following in the footsteps of other autonomous regions that have implemented actions that include agreements with private schools, as well as specific aid.

How much does a day care center charge per week?

If there’s one thing all parents agree on, it’s how life-changing a baby is. Reconciling work schedules with caring for a child can be a real obstacle course. To overcome the difficult challenge of balancing work and family, parents can opt for:

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Before choosing between daycare or in-home babysitting, it is essential to inform yourself about how to identify a good nursery school or a professional you trust. Here are the essential guidelines that will allow you to get the right information before making any decision.

If the mother wants to continue breastfeeding once her maternity leave is over, she recommends expressing milk and keeping it for the babysitter to administer it at home. On the other hand, she lists the disadvantages that a day-care center may have for the baby, due to the still insufficient development of its immune system.

How much do imss daycare centers charge

In the next few days my 14 month old daughter will go to daycare for the first time. The truth is that it has been a thoughtful and very valued decision, since she could have stayed at home with me for a while longer, but finally we have decided that both she and I need to go to daycare.

I know that everyone has their own opinion about it, and I also respect any decision to take or not to take to daycare, everyone has their own circumstances, character and needs, I have decided this, and I’ll tell you!

In addition to the cost of the daycare itself, we have the initial costs of school supplies. The truth is that I was surprised when in the meeting we had with the director of the daycare she gave us a whole list of materials that we had to buy! I hope he gets the most out of the course and learns as much as possible….

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How much does a day care center in lima charge?

The satisfaction of the workers is evident when they observe their privileged position with respect to other parents who have to combine their work schedule with the coming and going of day-care centers and babysitters. As a result, “a lot of loyalty is generated towards the company on the part of the worker”, explains one of the workers benefiting from the service, Guillem Navarro, who defines integrated day care as “a great service that all companies should offer”.

In a way, the couple recognizes that this is the cost they have to pay in order to be able to continue their professional careers. “Many times you don’t just think about the net salary you have left after subtracting so many things, but about the satisfaction of being able to continue developing your job and being a parent at the same time,” explains Raquel.

Talking to them over coffee in a downtown café in the city, they confess that in parenthood there are things that nobody talks about “and that you discover when you are fully immersed in the role of dad. Friends spend half their lives explaining to you how nice it is to have a child, and no one is able to tell you how many nights you will spend without sleep, how much money you will spend or how tired he will be…”.

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