How much does it cost to register a screenplay with the Library of Congress?

How much does it cost to register a screenplay with the Library of Congress?

Copyright copyright

C) In the “Email Verification” field, enter an email address that you use frequently. The system will send a validation code to that email. Enter this validation code in the field to the right of your email address.

E) In the “Applicant Information” section, the person completing the form must choose between two alternatives. The “Yes” option must be selected when the person making the request is one of the authors or rights holders in whose name(s) the registration will be made. The “No” option must be selected when the person making the request is a person who is simply carrying out this procedure on behalf of a third party and does not have the status of author or rights holder in relation to the registration being requested.

F) Select the box “See regulations”, once you have reviewed it, click on the corresponding box and press “NEXT”. Select “CONTINUE NOW” or “CONTINUE LATER”. Remember to write down your request code. Important: If you select “Continue later” you will have to resume the process at another time, entering the Applicant’s Tax ID and the Application Code assigned by the system, by selecting the link “Modify the registration of a work that was in the process of registration”.

Copyright Office – indecopi

Some moral rights are: to claim the paternity of the work, associating it with the author’s name or pseudonym; to oppose any modification without his consent; to keep the work unpublished, and to authorize third parties to finish an unfinished work.

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The person who makes the adaptation or transformation is the owner of the rights of that specific work, provided he/she has had the authorization of the owner of the rights of the work adapted to the theater.

Yes, in general terms, uses that are not for profit or economic detriment are considered lawful and without the need to pay or request authorization from the author of the work. Examples of such uses are:

They will not be liable for the transmission through their networks of material that infringes copyright, provided that (among other measures) the company does not modify or select the content of the transmission, does not initiate the transmission and does not select the recipients of the information. Nor will they be liable for storing in their systems information (files, hyperlinks) that allow access to “pirated” works, provided that they have no actual knowledge of such information, do not receive economic benefit from its distribution and remove it promptly when ordered by a court. Nor are they obliged to monitor the data they transmit or to search for illicit activities.

Copyright in the United States

The Biblioteca Nacional Digital platform aims to centralize access to the digital collections of the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile and facilitate access to the digital objects that make up its collection.

Although the general search engine -located in the center of the BNd home page- allows to browse all the digital objects available, there are four alternative ways to access the collections that can make navigation easier:

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Similarly, whenever a BNd object shares with Memoria Chilena information about the geographic place it is associated with (e.g. Rancagua), in the Classifications column you can also find all the minisites linked to that place.

When importing the metadata of the original object from the bibliographic catalog to create the digital object record, all the fields assigned at the time of cataloging are preserved. Since the National Library implemented the ALEPH catalog ( to date, cataloging standards have been evolving. Also, the process of implementing new software, such as the digital collection management software, has caused some inconsistencies that, due to the large volume of data, it is not feasible to correct in a massive way. Because of this, there are errors or inaccuracies in some objects that will be corrected gradually to allow better consultation of our contents.

Copyright in Mexico

Intellectual Property is the set of rights that correspond to authors and other owners (artists, producers, broadcasting organizations, etc.) with respect to the works and services resulting from their creation. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports is responsible for proposing measures, regulatory or otherwise, to achieve adequate protection of intellectual property.

An author is a natural person who creates a literary, artistic or scientific work. All original literary, artistic or scientific creations, expressed by any means or medium, tangible or intangible, currently known or to be invented in the future, are the object of intellectual property. The intellectual property of a literary, artistic or scientific work belongs to the author by the sole fact of its creation.

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The usual in-person application consists of presenting the work following the indications established for each type of work by the Central Registry of Intellectual Property, together with two photocopies of the author’s ID card at the Provincial Office of Santa Cruz de Tenerife or at the Provincial Office of Las Palmas.