Is OET easier than ielts?

Is OET easier than ielts?

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Did you know that we offer test preparation classes? Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for universities or employers to require a certain test score to prove your level of English. But which test should you take? What are the differences? Here’s a quick guide to help you understand the differences between the Cambridge and IELTS tests.

The main difference between Cambridge tests and IELTS is that, although there is only one IELTS for each level, Cambridge tests are level-oriented. FCE is for an intermediate-superior B2 level qualification, CAE is a C1 qualification test and CPE is for a C2 proficiency level.

Despite their differences, one test is no more difficult than the other. You may find the Cambridge tests more interesting than the IELTS, which is a bit more academic, but that doesn’t mean one is easier than the other.

Whether you need to take it to apply to the university of your choice, to get the job you’ve been looking for for a while or simply because you want to boost your CV, book a class now at inlingua and pass that test with flying colors!

How to prepare for ielts

In this article we are going to talk about the different international English language exams and their characteristics. For each of them we will examine in detail: duration of the exam, cost, score and validity of the exam. We will also analyze in which cases it is convenient to prepare to take a FIRST, an IELTS or a TOEFL, since not all situations require it.

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This international English exam is the most popular exam offered by Cambridge English and is accepted by thousands of companies and educational institutions around the world. The level of the certification is Upper intermediate and as we have already mentioned, it is not useful to obtain the Working Holiday Australia visa.

It consists of 4 parts and these are Reading & Use of English (75 minutes), Writing (80 minutes), Listening (40 minutes) and Speaking (14 minutes). It lasts 4 hours and can be taken on computer or paper. As for the scoring, the parts are passed with a grade of A, B or C, and failed with grades D or E.


What can you learn with our preparations? Our virtual IELTS preparations will allow you to perform with versatility in each of the sections of your exam, allowing you to apply the necessary techniques to complete each task quickly and accurately, developing your skills:        IELTS VIRTUAL GROUP PREPARATION + DESCRIPTION.

The pace and methodology of the course was very good, it helped me to improve in certain areas that I had very poorly developed. The teacher is willing, explains and his learning environment seemed very good to me, because even though in some things I was wrong, he always corrected me and told me what I had to improve in a respectful way. The coordinator is kind and respectful, she also made sure that everything went well in my study day and solved some problems I had at the beginning of the course.

They provide all the resources for the student to achieve the objective which is to know the methodology of the certification exam and get the types to respond in the best way. The teacher transmits the knowledge in a pleasant way and has a lot of patience. The way of explaining is dynamic and helps the student to understand the contents. Very punctual and respectful. The coordinator follows up and is attentive to the needs of the students. She maintains a good disposition and it is always easy to contact and get an answer.

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Preparar el ielts por tu cuenta

Soy un antiguo examinador de IELTS, actual profesor de inglés de secundaria, experimentado instructor de redacción en colegios y universidades, y formador corporativo que ayuda a profesionales ocupados y a estudiantes trabajadores a alcanzar sus objetivos en el IELTS, ¡incluso si su redacción es terrible!

Llevo 20 años ayudando a los nuevos inmigrantes a dominar el inglés académico y profesional, ayudándoles a entrar en los programas más difíciles de las mejores escuelas, a calificar para la inmigración y a conseguir un ascenso en el trabajo.

– Descubra exactamente qué le impide obtener la puntuación que necesita en el IELTS. Recibirás un análisis de tu redacción codificado por colores, con explicaciones sobre los errores y sugerencias sobre cómo solucionarlos. En la consulta se repasará cada tema en profundidad. – Si es necesario, recibirás una evaluación de expresión oral durante la consulta. – Aclara cualquier confusión sobre el IELTS hablando con un antiguo examinador. – Elaborar un plan de estudio basado en tu nivel actual y en tu calendario. – Obtén ACCESO INSTANTÁNEO a las lecciones más potentes de mi curso online. Estas lecciones cubren 7 temas diferentes de la Writing Task #2. Comprueba si este curso es adecuado para ti.

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