What does flight ancillary mean?

What does flight ancillary mean?

Flight Attendant Subjects

To be a flight attendant you need to know two or three languages (English being one of them) and some aeronautical legislation, one of the subjects taught in the courses to be ethics and values, among others.

Depending on the airline, there are also big differences. The average salary of a flight attendant at Ryanair, for example, is 20,000 euros per year. The salary is not fixed, as it will depend on the actual flight hours, the periods you are available or on call and whether your contract is direct or subcontracted by another company. Thus, the average monthly salary in the winter months is usually around 1,200 euros and in summer it can reach 1,800 euros.

Flight attendant sena

Flight attendants are responsible for the safety, care and comfort of an airline’s passengers. In addition to looking after passengers during the flight, they carry out inspections on the aircraft before and after the flight.

Prior to passenger boarding, all flight attendants (also known as cabin crew members or flight attendants) check emergency equipment, make sure that the aircraft is clean and tidy, and that all seat bags contain the correct information. They then greet boarding passengers, direct them to their seats and help them stow their carry-on baggage.

During the flight, attendants can serve hot meals, snacks and drinks. They may sell duty-free products such as alcohol, tobacco and perfume. They constantly check that passengers are following the established rules, such as the ban on smoking or using cell phones.

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After landing, and after all passengers have safely departed the aircraft, the attendants tidy up the meal preparation area and check the proceeds from duty-free products and food and beverages.

Flight attendant salary

A flight attendant (also Flight Attendant or Flight Attendant, and formerly stewardess or flight attendant), is a crew member whose primary mission is to ensure the safety and comfort of airline passengers. Certainly, this character of travel attendant has a similar role in other transportation systems, such as on ships, where it can be the cruise stewardess or as the passenger car attendant on certain long-distance trains and who are in charge of attending the sleeping cars, for example. Flight attendants on airplanes are referred to as flight attendants (Flight Attendants). The term purser refers to the Flight Attendant who is in charge of the auxiliary crew of an aircraft and is responsible for in-flight service.

The primary responsibility of flight attendants and stewards in the course of their work is to oversee the safety of passengers at all times, but the most visible part of their job is to serve their customers: serving food and beverages and accommodating passengers’ needs as much as possible. These roles often conflict, as when a passenger is denied alcoholic beverages when he or she has had too much to drink, or when passengers are asked to fasten their seat belts, sit down, or any other procedure to ensure safety in the aircraft cabin.

Flight attendant career cost

The cabin crew member is one of the most important people in the operation of an airline, is the person in charge during the flight to ensure the safety of passengers, in case of an air emergency is the authority responsible for executing all procedures that the aircraft has to safeguard the safety of passengers.

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We do not work by semesters, we do it continuously, which means that there are no breaks, besides being a theoretical and practical program, this method improves the learning process because the student focuses on only 1 objective at a time, in addition to implementing the theory and real exercises, the program is distributed in: