What is a compromise decree?

What is a compromise decree?

Decree 815 of 2020

IN VIEW OF: the provisions contained in article 208 of Law No. 18,719 dated December 27, 2010, article 57 et seq. of Law No. 19,149 dated October 24, 2013 and Decree 163/014 dated June 4, 2014.

II) that the report on the goals committed by the Ministry of the Interior for the period between the months of January and December 2019 prepared by the Budgetary Management and Monitoring Area of said Secretariat of State which was validated by the Management Commitments Committee is attached as an integral part of this Decree.

WHEREAS: I) that the goals referred to in Resulting II were endorsed by the Management Commitments Commission integrated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the National Civil Service Office and the Planning and Budget Office on August 5, 2019.

Article 1 APPROVE the Management Commitment regarding the personnel of the Ministry of the Interior for the period from January to December 2019, which is attached in Annex and is considered an integral part of this Decree.(*)Notes: More information in electronic image: Decree Nº 46/020 of

Decree 2539

Article 1°.- (Governing Body) The Ministry of Finance shall exercise its powers as the governing body of the fiscal policy and financial administration of the State, through the action of the Undersecretariats of Budget, Treasury, Tax Collections and the General Accounting Office of the State.

Article 4. (Undersecretariat of Tax Collections) The Undersecretariat of Tax Collections, in coordination with the Undersecretariat of the Treasury, shall formulate the tax policy within the framework of the Government’s economic policy, estimate and budget the current revenues originating from said policy, direct and supervise its execution by the collecting agencies and evaluate the results.

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(Source of information) The General Accounting Office shall provide, based on accounting data, all the financial information required for the adoption of policies, programming, budgeting and control of the Central Government’s management. Likewise, it shall carry out the necessary analyses on the financial statements of the central administration and decentralized entities and shall produce the respective reports.

Citizen commitment examples

Royal Decree 1588/1999, of October 15, 1999, approving the Regulation on the instrumentation of pension commitments of companies to employees and beneficiaries.

On the other hand, it is also worth mentioning Council Directive 98/49/EC of June 29 on safeguarding the supplementary pension rights of employed and self-employed persons moving within the Community. This directive provides that workers from one country who are posted by their employer to another Member State of the European Union are entitled to the same regime for their supplementary pension rights as they would be if they were posted within their own country. In short, the aim is to maintain the possibility that, regardless of where a worker provides his services, if the company of origin maintains supplementary commitments, the latter can continue to make contributions if the worker fulfills the necessary conditions. This Royal Decree contemplates these provisions in general. Therefore, the company that maintains its pension commitments with posted workers whose situation is not only one of leave of absence or suspension of contract, but even when the posting entails the termination or extinction of the labor relationship with the company, the company may make the contributions in favor of the referred worker.

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What is citizen commitment

As from June 16, 2010, the “Compromiso Ciudadano” (Citizen Commitment) program was implemented in the Traffic Corps of the City of Buenos Aires, a system of photo fines generated by the neighbors themselves, who, in this way, benefit by speeding up the reporting of certain traffic infractions that are very frequent and affect the good coexistence and safety, seeking to avoid waste of time and tensions.

Anyone who observes any of these infractions must take one or more photos of the offending vehicle, showing its license plate and the infraction committed. These images should be sent by completing the following form. (Road Traffic Report).