¿Cómo buscar mi NAS Synology?

¿Cómo buscar mi NAS Synology?

Access synology from windows

Synology NAS have established themselves as the benchmark among NAS because they offer a complete experience that is extremely easy to adopt. Thanks to their large storage capacity, they allow you to back up larger and larger files at a lower cost.

If you want to access your Synology NAS with WebDav, you can use Air Explorer to easily manage your documents and make synchronizations between your Synology NAS and other clouds or your personal computer.

And if you want to manage your files on your Synology NAS by connecting via SFTP you can use Air Explorer with which you can also backup and sync with your computer or other clouds.

Connecting to synology nas

We are going to explain how to perform the initial configuration of a Synology NAS, which is one of the leading brands in the sector of this type of servers. NAS are storage-oriented devices, and with them you can create your own cloud at home. And not only that, because some NAS also allow you to do other things like setting up web servers, VPNs or even your own streaming service with the content you have on their hard drives.

We are going to divide this guide into three categories, telling you about physically connecting the NAS, doing the initial setup and downloading applications once you are all set up. In our guide we will be using the manufacturer’s DiskStation DS218+ model, so it is possible that with other earlier models there may be some steps that change a bit.

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In these cases, it is essential to look not so much at the capacity as at the read and write speed. In the current market, the best hard drives for NAS devices is Western Digital with its Red range. They are hard disks prepared to perform well in NAS devices and surely the best choice. But even so, it is advisable to inform yourself about the different models of each manufacturer.

Synology assistant download

Here at NOW, we have covered many tools about WOL, Wake On Lan. WOL, which allows you to remotely power on a computer on the local network. If this is something that interests you, we have a full tutorial that shows you how to set up WOL in Windows on your local network. While the ability to remotely turn your machine on and off is great, it’s important to note that this only works in a local network area.

To overcome the local network issue, it’s probably a good idea to have a server always on and accessible from the outside world. I happen to have a Synology NAS Server that could be an ideal machine to serve as a proxy from your home network to the outside world. If you have a Synology running DSM (Disk Station Manager), you can follow the steps below to enable WOL on any local network device that supports it. The setup does not require additional source or install packages.

Since Synology released DSM 6.0, even in the 6.0 beta version, the previous method of sending WOL packets no longer works. They have removed ether-wake command (see sample error below), but fortunately, there are still ways to send WOL or magic packets to wake up machines on the local network.

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Synology assistant

After connecting your Synology network-attached storage (NAS) box, it is actually relatively easy to connect to the unit through your web browser. Not only does Synology make some of the best NAS for the home, but they also offer an external connection service that makes the whole process simple, and there’s even software you can download and use if all else fails.

If the above doesn’t work through your web browser, there are a few steps you can take to connect to the NAS. I would recommend double-checking to see if your NAS is powered on and connected to the network via a cable. You can also log into the admin panel of your router or network switch to see if it has been assigned an IP address.

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