Do you need witnesses to get married in PA?

Do you need witnesses to get married in PA?

Requirements to marry a Panamanian and a foreigner

The marriage certificate or marriage certificate is a document issued by the State through a Civil Registry and with the intervention of a judge, which certifies the union of two people (produced by their desire to be united before the law and society).

This certificate is issued by the civil registry of the place from which the civil marriage takes place and, at the same time, attests that the marriage was performed in compliance with the established requirements.

In case the officers have access to the database of the Civil Registry, they will search for the interested party based on his or her personal data. If the registry is found, the data will be verified, allowing the interested party to review them in the certificate, also checking that the certificate does not have several inscriptions or observations. If the certificate is found to be correct, it will be printed, signed, stamped and delivered, upon payment of Bs.47.

Civil Marriage Panama

There are a series of impediments to contracting a marriage. One refers to the fact that the subject is already bound by a marriage bond, that is to say, is a person already married. Others are a series of relative prohibitions that contemplate a certain marriage between two concrete persons, but nothing prevents it from being celebrated with another subject because in these cases the individual has matrimonial capacity.

In short, the first assumption is that of bigamy. Those persons who do not have freedom of state cannot contract marriage. It is indifferent whether the first marriage is civil or religious, in any case the second marriage will be null because there is no dispensation or validation.

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If the first marriage is dissolved by death of the previous spouse, divorce or declaration of death, the second marriage becomes valid because it already has the requirement of freedom.

It is obvious that the persons included in paragraph a) cannot celebrate a valid marriage due to the kinship between them. They can be father and daughter, grandmother and grandson or vice versa. This impediment is not dispensable.

Electoral court requirements to get married

Once obtained the mentioned documents you will have to request hour in the Civil Registry or in the notary’s office that you choose for its presentation, date in which you will have to appear together with a witness of legal age (that, in general, can be a relative or friend, although it is not of more that you verify it previously), whose function is to certify that you do not marry against your will, but that it does it freely. This appearance gives rise to the beginning of the matrimonial file and the favorable resolution of the file allows the celebration of the marriage. Once you have the marriage papers ready? you can start the countdown!

And now you can. In case you have decided to have a Catholic religious wedding, you will also have to start a marriage file, for which you will have to provide these documents for a church wedding:

Although the bureaucratic procedures are carried out at the corresponding Civil Registry or at a notary’s office, the bride and groom can decide that, once the marriage file is ready, the civil marriage will be celebrated in any municipality before:

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Notaries for civil marriages in panama

3. The consular officer will review the document and proceed to authenticate the signature that appears on the marriage certificate and will begin to fill out the marriage registration certificate stub and coupon based on the information that appears on the marriage certificate. The act will be signed by the parties as well as by the consul. In this case the presence of witnesses is not necessary.

4. The interested party will be given a record of the registration of the marriage. The certificate (coupon and stub), the original marriage certificate from the country of the consulate and the translation, if necessary, will be sent together with a remittance note to the General Directorate of the Civil Registry in Panama. A certification of Registration of Marriage for official use will be sent by return mail.

8. Once all the documents are presented, the marriage is celebrated, and the Consul must draw up the minutes in simple or authorized paper where he/she will leave a record of the whole ceremony, according to the Family Code, Chapter III, articles 38, 39, 40, 43 and 45.

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