How do I get a business license in San Leandro CA?

How do I get a business license in San Leandro CA?

Vendor’s license

“(Merchants) have always encountered cumbersome procedures, interaction with different windows… errors with the geographic location, corruption and discretionality of the officials who attend these procedures,” Akabani acknowledged.

To access this window, one must enter through the portal of the Electronic System of Notices and Permits for Mercantile Establishments (Siapem), at the address .

Licenses and permits to open a business in the USA

When it was time to choose my career, I had the opportunity to study Law or International Commerce, I chose to study Commerce, because it was a new career and it would give me the opportunity to work in Customs. I worked for the Government of the State of Guanajuato, supporting the artisans of the State, there I realized that I wanted to focus my career on helping others.

My first job was cleaning offices, but soon I wanted to resume the path I had started in Mexico and I decided to study Taxes, I wanted to have the possibility to help many people and, in January 2005 with my License, I started working in a Tax office.

Since I met Erika, I knew I could rely on her, we both share many ideals, values and above all the desire to take care of our family, while helping others to take care and protect the heritage of theirs.

Home Business License

In order for a property to be used as commercial premises, it is necessary to have the corresponding land use permit, which must be obtained at the municipal office of the town where your house is located; each municipality establishes a different cost, as well as the frequency with which the permit must be renewed.According to the Federal Government’s procedures portal, some of the requirements necessary to carry out this procedure are:Verify that you comply with government and municipal procedures

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Some municipalities require additional procedures, such as the registration or change of electricity and water services, special construction permits or type of land use to authorize the operation of a commercial establishment, so before starting any remodeling activity or promoting the property, it is best to go to the offices of the city hall or mayor’s office to request information.Prepare the property to be rented.

Before offering your property for rent, you will probably have to prepare it, both to comply with the requirements established by your municipality and to obtain the land use permit, and to make it suitable as commercial space.Even if those interested in your property must adapt it for their business, a property that already has the basic elements to operate commercially is more attractive than one that must be completely remodeled.Some elements to consider when making modifications are:


Some states also require you to place an ad in the newspaper with your business name for a certain period of time. Usually the costs are very low and the newspaper may even handle the paperwork with the county. Compare different local newspapers to see what they offer.

The vast majority of banks will not allow you to open a bank account unless you have shown them proof of DBA registration. It is important to have a bank account so that you can accept payments on behalf of your business. Consider checking different banks to see the difference in the services they offer and the requirements they have when opening an account for your business.

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You are not required by law, but registering your business name as a trademark is always advisable. It gives you protection in case another business tries to use your business name or a similar one. It would be wise for you to make a federal application for a trademark if you will be conducting business in several states. Check with the government or a service provider to determine if your name is already registered.