Is online marriage legal?

Is online marriage legal?

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The cost of the ceremony is approximately $40,000, to which must be added the costs of copies of the deed, authentications, edicts, shipping, for an estimated value of $100,000 to $150,000.

As for biosecurity protocols, temperature taking, disinfection of shoes, use of masks, distance of two meters between people and the other requirements of the current regulations are being applied.

“Marriage is normally included as an event to share with family and friends, so there are a series of objective and subjective factors that make couples think and postpone the decision”, concluded Rojas Charry.

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Find out which national legislation applies to your wedding and your matrimonial property regime as this will have important consequences for your rights and obligations as a spouse.

If you are getting married in an EU country other than the country where you live, check with the administrations of both countries about the formalities required for your wedding to be valid and effective in both countries. There may be registration or publication requirements.

If you get married in an EU country that is not your country of origin, it is advisable to register the marriage in your country of residence. To do so, you must take into account the national rules of the country of residence. You can also ask the consulate of the country of residence if you can register the marriage at the consulate or if you have to do it in the country of residence.

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Civil registration of marriage

When, due to special circumstances, one or both of the contracting parties are not present at the place of the wedding on the day of their marriage, a power of attorney must first be granted to a person to attend on their behalf. This so-called “special power of attorney” will only be valid to fulfill the specific purpose for which it was granted, which is to accept the marriage.

If the party who will be absent at the civil ceremony cannot obtain the special power of attorney from a Mexican notary, he/she can obtain it from a Mexican consulate. Check with the nearest consular offices to find out what documentation you need to bring, as well as the deadlines and costs to obtain the document. This option will be viable for both Mexicans and foreigners.

Generally, in the absence of one of the two spouses, the civil marriage ceremony with proxies is usually intimate and in the presence of few people. When you see it feasible, you will deliver the original wedding invitations with which you will summon your loved ones to a new symbolic or religious ceremony and celebrate as your marriage deserves.

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Nobody wants to miss their own wedding, but if this is your case, you must present a special power of attorney, before a notary, where you acknowledge your willingness to marry, your singleness and not having children, (if applicable). Be careful to make clear the name of your partner in the document to avoid inconveniences.

Remember: for the civil marriage both of you must submit the application. If one of you is unable to attend, you must send the power of attorney to present the documents and the application. And if you cannot be in Colombia for the marriage, a special power of attorney will also be necessary.

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If it was a judicially declared de facto marital union, you must present the civil registry with the respective annotations. And if your former spouse is deceased, you must present the death certificate.

The Catholic marriage must also be registered in the National Registry of Civil Status, otherwise it will not be valid before the State. For this reason it is important to present these documents:

This can be a demanding and time-consuming job, for this reason we encourage you and your partner to take on this task as soon as possible or ask the advice of your wedding planner. The only thing left is the honeymoon, go to register the civil marriage certificate and enjoy this new stage of your lives!

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