What do couples do in bed at night?

What do couples do in bed at night?

My partner only works and sleeps

For a couple one of the most intimate moments is the one they share when they go to bed together, but we are not talking about sex, we are talking about sleeping. The position we choose to spend the night with our partner says much more than we think about the type of relationship we have.

Unconsciously, we assume certain roles by opting for one or another posture. Our body language reveals things we may not even be aware of. Throughout several studies conducted by body language experts and psychologists have managed to decipher what each of the most popular sleeping positions we adopt reveals about our relationship. Here are the conclusions.

The psychologist Corren Sweet assures that it is the position chosen by 18% of couples and consists of embracing the other person’s back, contacting both bodies. A comfortable and warm practice that denotes the protection of one of the members towards the other. Sexually it is a posture that shows that the partner is more vulnerable to sex, although it also tells the other that he/she trusts him/her.

It is bad to lend the matrimonial bed

Is it then an impostada idea of romantic love that invites to share the bed or is it the limitation of the square meters of the home that impose this modality? Experts help us to clarify the doubts.

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Sleeping problems and conflicts in the couple tend to go hand in handTolerating snoring, being woken up by different work shifts, or by the different habits of the other person, are some of the most uncomfortable aspects of sleeping with a partner. “Separating the beds could improve rest. The snoring of the partner or the discomfort of the same space for two people, would be reduced in this way,” explains psychologist Sergio García Soriano.

There is no better balm to awaken desire than to find impediments to a certain subject. This applies, of course, to sex. Losing one’s partner on the bedside could be an incentive to maintain relations. “The sexuality is diminished by the routine; two beds and two rooms can have an effect to improve the sexual relations, since the routine descends and “one misses the partner”, comments García Soriano.

Sleeping with your hand on your partner’s genitals.

While love, communication, admiration, surprises, romantic dinners and other details that you carry out throughout your relationship are very important for this to work, there are very marked habits that you can do before going to sleep and strengthen your love to the maximum.

Love also enters through the ear, so it is necessary to always remember it through beautiful words that positively impact their emotions, such as the phrase “I love you”. Saying “I love you” confirms to the listener what your partner feels for her, renewing your bonds of union, giving you more confidence in your relationship, more security and raising your self-esteem.

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While using the bed to talk about unfinished business between the two of you is valid, and sometimes very productive. However, it is also important that as a couple you share conversations that leave you with a good taste in your mouth. You can talk about your relationship, memories, or your likes and hobbies.

It is very important that before sleeping next to your partner, you dedicate your time to clean yourself, wash your hands and teeth, to avoid bad breath and the mood of the whole day. Studies have shown that the sense of smell is the first thing that attracts couples, which contributes to strengthen the relationship. This is because pheromones, which are hormones related to attraction and pleasure, are easily detected by the nose.

The marital bed can be lent out

For example, psychologist Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom, surveyed more than 1,000 people about the way they sleep and the quality of their romantic relationships. He found that the farther apart they slept from their partners, the worse they rated their relationships, so is sleeping with your legs intertwined good for the relationship? In an article by The Huffington Post, psychologist and relationship expert Corrine Sweet explained what the position in which you sleep with your partner means and here we share four of them with you:

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