What does restoring your license do on PS4?

What does restoring your license do on PS4?


Most of the affected users say they can’t play for more than a few minutes without being out of the game due to licensing issues. They only receive a message saying “An error occurred (NP-34981-5) “before they exit the game. The problem seems to be limited to only one PS4 account, but most users who encounter this error report that it happens with every game they try to play, making it impossible for their PS4 console to play.

If you are having difficulty resolving this particular error message, this article will provide you with a collection of troubleshooting check steps. Below, you will find some methods that many users have used in a similar situation to solve the problem.

Some users who encountered this particular problem reported that they finally managed to resolve it after launching their PS4. Of course, this is a serious procedure as it will delete all your data (game data and saved data), but it has allowed many users of the PS4 Error Code np-36006-5 issue.

You cannot use this ps5 content

If you plan to keep your console, it’s important to back up any data you want to keep, such as pictures and videos, and you can do this on an external device or in the cloud. To back up data using the cloud, you must have a PlayStation Plus account. There are two ways to reboot your PS4: from the console panel or in Safe Mode if the console has boot problems. We will explain both ways, and the first one will be through your PlayStation 4 control panel.

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Here you will find the two options you are looking for: “Restore default settings” and “Start PS4”. The first option will erase your saved configuration data, and return the PS4 to its factory settings, but it will not erase your hard drive.

The second option will erase your hard drive of data, including downloaded games, saved game data, and anything else you have added to the console since you bought it. This will restore your PS4 to the state it came out of the box.

I cannot restore ps4 licenses

You can download the Windows 10 installation disc image from the Microsoft website. This can be burned to a new DVD or flashed to a USB flash drive. If you have a second PC with Windows 10 available, you can update this ISO file on your USB drive using the Rufus Flashing Tool.

At this point, Windows will begin wiping your drive and copying files for the new installation. Windows will reboot to begin the next stage of the installation process, allowing you to create a new user account once the process is complete to allow you to use the PC again.

Some PC and laptop manufacturers include a special recovery partition drive that allows you to restore your Windows 10 installation to factory defaults. This can usually be activated by restarting your PC and pressing a certain key on your keyboard during the boot process.

Each manufacturer has its own on-screen instructions on how to activate and trigger this process. Consult your PC or laptop’s user manual for special instructions on how to use a recovery partition on your PC, as well as to determine the correct key to press.

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What happens if I hit restore licenses on ps4

One of the most common practices since Windows is Windows, is to solve almost any problem by taking the drastic measure of formatting the computer and reinstalling the operating system. So normal is it, that Microsoft itself basically decided to include the feature within Windows 10.

Maybe you know it, maybe you don’t. But the option to reset the computer in Windows 10 can help you solve many problems on your computer by returning Windows to its original state, as newly installed, and best of all is that you also have the ability to do so and keep your files.

If you are wondering how to know when it is time to reset the system, Microsoft gives you an answer that seems obvious and even funny: when the computer does not work properly and you are not sure why.

Remember that if in your case the failures appear after upgrading to a new version of Windows, you can always try the option to go back to a previous build, it is much faster than resetting and you lose absolutely nothing.

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