What is Microsoft teamroom?

What is Microsoft teamroom?

Weapons rooms in teams

If we think of a particularly agile, direct and easy-to-use communication channel, the answer is chat. Microsoft has taken a big leap by incorporating its benefits in a new platform fully integrated with Office 365: Microsoft Teams. A work area focused on chat, where to channel teamwork and get everyone up to date, with instant access to conversations, all content, all tools, all users and groups that the team needs.

In addition to accessing content and individual or group chat history at any time, with Microsoft Teams you can track team activities and access your usual tools such as notepads (OneNote), work tasks and planning (Planner), Power BI reports, and a large catalog of applications that help teams to develop common projects in an easier way. In addition, with Microsoft Teams, you will also have the ability to connect to external services through connectors such as RSS, Trello, GitHub and Asana.

Microsoft teams

Remote work has become of vital importance, and to achieve it efficiently we have adapted to the rounds of meetings and work with different areas and teams. To optimize the times and characteristics of meeting rooms and work teams, we will tell you how to create them easily through Teams.

Here you can fill in the information of the resource you want to add, such as defining the type of resource (room or equipment), its name, e-mail address to be able to add appointments, the capacity in case it is a physical room, location and contact telephone number.

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Once the new resource is created you can create another one, or edit the options of the newly created resource, including the option to accept repetitive series, restrict scheduling to office hours only, and automatically reject out-of-hours meetings.

Microsoft rooms

Use breakout rooms to divide students into small groups during class meetings. Rooms can be opened and closed more than once during a session or participants can be moved between rooms. Only meeting organizers using the desktop versions of Teams (Windows or Mac) can create and manage breakout rooms.

You can create meetings in any version of Teams, but you will need Teams for Windows or Mac to create breakout rooms for learners. Students can join from any version of Teams.

Keep the class on schedule and keep track of how much time they have left by setting a timer. This will make a timer visible in each breakout room. When the time has elapsed, the breakout rooms will automatically close and students will return to the main class meeting.

Each breakout room will have its own chat. You and the students will be able to access it from the chat list and from Chat in the breakout room, just as with regular meetings.

How to create several rooms in teams

BackgroundAnita is a Microsoft Outlook user who wants to create a booking of two rooms that require food and equipment services. She wishes to organize a four-hour meeting to be held the following week. The meeting is for

Step 1: Create the appointmentAnita opens Microsoft Outlook to check the schedules for the required attendees. She creates an appointment for the meeting and attaches a Microsoft Word file of the agenda to the appointment.

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Step 10: Confirm the bookingAt a predefined time before the meeting appointment, Anita receives an email request to confirm that the appointment is still valid. The email contains the actions she uses to respond directly from the email. The actions include buttons to confirm or cancel the booking. Anita confirms the booking.