What is the difference between QlikView server and publisher?

What is the difference between QlikView server and publisher?

Deploying Qlik Sense on AWS

In this post we will make a brief introduction to the BI reporting tool QlikView. This tool is oriented to data visualization, just like the Tableau application, already discussed in previous posts.

The main function of QlikView is to provide information instantly for better decision making. A correct decision will have a direct impact on the company, hence the importance of making the right one. Here are some important aspects of QlikView:

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How to Integrating Google Maps in QlikView | Maps API Tutorials

In July, I had created a post on Power BI vs Tableau for BI data visualization. The race between Power BI and Tableau is pretty close, as evidenced by the Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant. However, you must have noticed that there is another player in the Leaders quadrant – QlikView. While its scores in ‘ability to execute’ and ‘completeness of vision’ could be improved, QlikView is certainly a solution to consider. But is it better than Power BI? Not in my opinion If you are about to choose a BI solution for your organization and are wondering which solution to go ahead with, Power BI or QlikView, let me make the choice easy for you.

However, despite all this, QlikView is not really for everyone. People who are not data scientists or programmers may be intimidated by the high level of detail and free-form structure of the solution. That limits the extent to which any organization, made up of people in various roles, can use the solution. In addition, if you already use other Microsoft platforms and products, Power BI should be your default choice for a business intelligence solution because integrating it within your organization couldn’t be simpler.

Calling SQL Stored Procedures with Power BI

Something worse than having no information available is having a lot of information and not knowing what to do with it. Business Intelligence (BI) is the solution to this problem, because through this information you can generate scenarios, forecasts and reports that support decision making, which translates into a competitive advantage. The key to BI is information and one of its greatest benefits is the possibility of using it in decision making.

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