What is VM RDP?

What is VM RDP?

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Organizations can now improve the security of Windows virtual machines in Azure by integrating with Azure Active Directory (AD) authentication. You can now use Azure AD as a basic authentication platform to connect via RDP to Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition and later or Windows 10 version 1809 and later. In addition, you can centrally control and enforce Azure RBAC and conditional access policies that allow or deny access to virtual machines. This article shows you how to create and configure a Windows virtual machine and log in with Azure AD-based authentication.

Once this functionality is enabled, Windows virtual machines in Azure will be joined to Azure AD. You cannot join to another domain, such as on-premises AD or Azure AD DS. If you have to do so, you will have to disconnect the virtual machine from the Azure AD tenant by uninstalling the extension.

Remote connection to virtual machines joined to Azure AD is only allowed from Windows 10 machines that are registered to Azure AD (Windows 10 20H1 and above) or that are joined to Azure AD or Azure AD Hybrid to the same directory as the virtual machine.

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It is in this scenario that virtual desktop solutions become a very interesting alternative for workers, but be careful, this technology has important differences with remote desktop applications that are very popular because they allow you to manage and control a PC remotely. That is precisely what we want to do: explain what they do.

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I don’t know if any of you have ever said that phrase, but the undersigned has done it as a private user. This is one of the many applications that allow us to access a remote desktop and control it as if we were in front of it (more or less).

This is the idea behind applications such as the aforementioned TeamViewer: you install a client on one computer and another on the other and that’s it, both can remotely control each other when needed.

This saves us having to travel to the computer we want to connect to, and thus we can, for example, offer remote assistance when solving problems from our computer.

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This article shows how to securely and seamlessly create an RDP connection to Windows virtual machines located in an Azure virtual network directly from Azure Portal. When using Azure Bastion, virtual machines do not need a client, agent or additional software. You can also connect to a Windows virtual machine using SSH. For information, see Creating an SSH connection to a Windows virtual machine.

Azure Bastion provides secure connectivity to all virtual machines in the virtual network on which it is provisioned. Using Azure Bastion protects virtual machines from exposure of RDP/SSH ports to the outside world, while providing secure access via RDP/SSH. For more information, see What is Azure Bastion?

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A new version of the tasks for our pipelines using Azure agents has been released. These changes have been recently introduced to support the MSAL authentication libraries for the LCS connection that we use to upload and deploy deployable packages.

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This means that if we don’t upgrade the Asset Upload and Asset Deployment tasks to the new versions (1.* and 2.* respectively) the release pipelines could stop working after June 30, 2022.

FYI: I have asked MS about this topic and this is the answer I have got. “The process will start with removal of RDP and eventually we will decommission these environments after no activity. “So it won’t be decommissioned immediately if it’s in use.- Evaldas Landauskas (@evaldasland) October 9, 2020

That’s about the same as it costs for a Microsoft managed Tier 1 machine. And if you only run tests and sync once a day you can lower the costs a bit more if you start and stop the VM from your pipeline.

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