Are agricultural loans hard to get?

Are agricultural loans hard to get?

Loans for the purchase of agricultural land

What is guaranteed by the FAG? The FAG will guarantee credit capital, and the coverage of the guarantee on the same will be as follows: i. For individual credit; or 2) associative credit with individual liability:

iii. For agricultural and rural microcredit:TYPE OF SCHEMECOVERAGE Agricultural and rural microcredit with microfinance technology50% SPECIAL CREDIT PROGRAMS 3. Incentive for Rural Capitalization (ICR) This is an economic benefit aimed at stimulating capitalization investments in the countryside to carry out new projects aimed at improving the competitiveness, sustainability and modernization of agricultural and livestock activities.

This benefit is recognized on a percentage of the value of the investment project and is paid by Finagro to the financial intermediaries with the balance of the loan. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, through Finagro, allocated $67,472 million for the Rural Capitalization Incentive (ICR) for 2017.

Mortgages for agricultural farms

Work with us to finance inventory, accounts receivable and general operating expenses. We are also available if you need a letter of credit. Let us share your vision for growth and opportunity.

When it’s time to buy a new tractor or replace that old forklift, give us a call. We have loans available for almost any type of machinery or equipment. Our rates are competitive and our terms are flexible.

Loan simulator for Santander companies

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Banco Agrario de Colombia are launching Agroágil, an innovative financial tool that allows farmers to access credit easily, effectively, in just three days and at the lowest rate on the market.

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For his part, Francisco Solano Mendoza, president (e) of Banco Agrario de Colombia, said that it is a revolving credit quota for consumption or working capital, which allows several uses of partial or total, during the term of the quota.

“It is available for customers and non-customers of Banco Agrario. All applications will be analyzed and approval will depend on each client’s debt capacity. All users with excellent payment behavior will be able to access this solution,” he said.

From now on, the terms, grace periods, capital amortization and interest payments are more in line with the vegetative and productive cycles of the different activities.

Loans to buy land

Yes, we have loans for you to obtain the financing that your farm needs in the medium and long term. If you want to join the agricultural sector or have new projects to improve your farm, you can obtain financing with the Young Farmer Incorporation Personal Loan. If what you need is 100% financing of the amount of your investment, discover the advantages of the Farmer Loan. In addition, if the financing is for the purchase of agricultural machinery, you can also learn about and request information on the Agricultural Machinery Loan.

aGROSLab-Farming Notebook is a web platform that allows you to support the Registration of the Application of Phytosanitary Products in Agricultural Holdings to achieve a sustainable use. Benefits that the Farm Notebook brings me:

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