Can I get a business loan with bad credit and no collateral?

Can I get a business loan with bad credit and no collateral?

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To find out if you qualify to apply for a loan you must meet the following requirements: have a credit history, not be reported in Infocorp and have documents that support your fixed income.

To qualify for personal loans you need to have a credit history so that the bank or fintech can check if you are a good payer or how you face a debt. But, there are some financial companies that make loans with DNI, called online loans.

You must not be reported in the credit bureaus, that is, unpaid debt for a long time. To qualify for a loan, pay your debt and ask Inforcorp to take you off the list. Note: after paying off the debt, you must wait at least six months to apply for a personal loan.

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Answer: This is due to the right to privacy and confidentiality that every financial consumer has. This right establishes that any information related to the financial operations of each person can only be known by the holder or by those persons who have his authorization, in addition to the cases established in Article 473 of Law No. 393 of Financial Services.

Answer: The financial institution is obliged to divide national currency bills into smaller cuts or coins in its central offices, branches, fixed and mobile agencies in the national territory.

The term of validity of the required certificates will be established by the issuing competent authority, in case the certificate does not have such term, its validity will be of ninety (90) calendar days from its date of issue.

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Answer: The contribution certificates are the representative titles of the contribution and membership granted by a cooperative, establishing the quality of the member. They are nominative, individual, equal in value and unalterable. They are not mercantile documents, nor can they circulate in the stock market; in this sense, their return implies the voluntary withdrawal of a member.

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You use your home as collateral when you borrow money and “guarantee” the financing with the value of your home. This means that if you don’t repay the financing, the lender can keep your home to cover the repayment of your debt.

Refinancing your home, getting a second mortgage, taking out a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit (HELOC) are common ways people use their home as collateral to obtain home equity financing. But if you are unable to repay the financing, you could lose your home and the mortgage amortization you have accumulated. The accumulated amortization on your home mortgage is the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and how much money you could get for your home if you sold it. High interest rates, finance charges and other closing and credit costs can also greatly increase the cost of borrowing money, even if you use your home as collateral.

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Do you need a loan but you are in Buró de Crédito with a negative report and you don’t know where to go? This is one of the most frequent doubts that people who need money but do not have a good credit history have, there are some companies that can give money loans without consulting the credit bureau, another benefit is that they do not ask for a guarantor, which could be a good alternative to get out of a complicated economic situation, if this is your case, we tell you where you could get a loan in this way. Companies like Credy, Lendon, Dineria, Money Man, Lime, Kreditiweb, HolaDinero, Pezetita, Crezu, Credilikeme and AskRobin could help you get a loan without having to check your credit bureau or even if you have a bad credit history. One of the disadvantages of this type of loans is that the companies can grant them under specific terms, but the advantage is that some of these procedures can even be done online and get an answer within 24 hours.The requirements they usually ask for are:

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