Can I get loan from Post Office?

Can I get loan from Post Office?

It is legal to send money by mail

In case of doubt, we suggest that you check at our branches or by phone through our Contact Center if the proposal is supported by the Bank, in order to avoid possible damages.

BANCO DE LA NACIÓN ARGENTINA adopts the measures corresponding to the security level of transactions and data protection related to the use of the channels offered by the entity and that is why it will never request information related to your cards (debit/credit), security codes and/or passwords through telephone calls or e-mails that induce you to enter any web page.

There are text messages of unknown or dubious origin that include links to fraudulent sites or induce the user to make calls or answer the message in order to reveal confidential information or take control of the device. These attacks are known as “SMISHING”.

There are malicious users who use social networks to obtain private or sensitive data to be used in fraud of various kinds, taking advantage of the trust generated in the user through social engineering techniques. Before any situation that generates distrust or is suspicious, take into account the following:

Post office prepaid card

In this post we tell you all about the Post Office prepaid card. With the crisis that we have been dragging since 2007, many banks left without any form of financing to people without resources and quick micro-credits and loans without payroll emerged. Other banks did not want to open current accounts for those who could not justify the stability of their income. They asked for a paycheck or a certificate of income or a spotless credit history without ever having left a bill unpaid. And then came prepaid cards such as the Correos prepaid card we are talking about here.

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A prepaid card (or wallet card) is a bank card issued by a bank or any other financial company that can be distributed by another company (for example, Correos) and that uses the prepaid mode, to limit the risk of fraud in its use and that does not require to have an associated bank account or a blank payment history.

They can be preloaded with the balance in euros (there are also multi-currency prepaid ones) that the holder (or a third party using it, such as a minor, for example) wants, by means of a transfer or at the place where it was issued;

Correos españa western union

A personal loan is an operation through which the financial entity makes available to the customer a certain amount of money, previously stipulated, through a contract with which the customer acquires the obligation to pay back the money within a certain period of time.

NIR, or nominal interest rate, is what you pay a bank in exchange for lending you money. APR, or annual percentage rate of charge, indicates the cost of a financial product, including both the interest and the various associated costs and fees.

Yes, you can amortize part or all of your loan before the term indicated on the application. To do so, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of 0.50% of the outstanding principal, if there are less than 12 months left to pay it off, and 1% if there are more than 12 months left to pay it off.

If there is a delay in the payment of a personal loan, interest for delay will be applied. In addition, failure to make payments could have serious financial consequences (e.g., forced sale of property) and make it difficult to obtain other loans.

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International money order

A personal loan is a transaction in which a person requests an amount of money borrowed for a certain period of time. This amount will be repaid in a series of installments agreed between the creditor and the debtor, generating a series of interests.

If you want to ask for a personal loan from Correos, it is necessary that you go to a Post Office. Before, you must find out which of them commercializes with this type of loans, since they are not all the ones that carry out this operation.

Once submitted, the application will be sent to the bank so that it can approve your request for a Correos personal loan. If they give their approval, in a matter of minutes you will have the requested money in your account.

On the Internet it is possible to find numerous financial institutions that offer the opportunity to apply for an immediate loan. However, each one has a series of requirements that must be taken into account.

Personal credit institutions grant loans in just minutes online. In addition, they all have an application for calculating the loan with the interest and know what the amount you are going to pay off will be, either monthly or as agreed by both parties.

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