Can I use my girlfriends income to buy a house?

Can I use my girlfriends income to buy a house?

How to buy a house with no money in colombia

Sometimes, one of you takes over the administration because you are more skilled. This is fine, as long as you both agree and have knowledge and access to the accounts. If you don’t know what your total household income is and what it is spent on, your relationship is in trouble. If your partner could close your accounts and kick you out of your home overnight, you need to reconsider your situation. In my case, the house and investment account are in both of our names, and at the bank we have a joint account and we each have our own account. This does not mean that our finances are separate: we actually share expenses and savings. But if we were to separate, it would be impossible for one to play a trick on the other. In a couple, you have to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

It’s not healthy when one partner makes you feel guilty about working, or manipulates you into not working or having your own income. Remember that financial independence in a couple is a way to diversify income, reduce risk, and improve the family situation. Heterosexual women are more vulnerable to this type of manipulation, so we should learn lessons from lesbians.

How to divide expenses as a couple

For many people, the decision to buy a house as a couple is the new marriage proposal. The level of commitment, the degree of investment that is being taken and the future implications of acquiring the property, are just some of the aspects that make it “the new way of kneeling with ring in hand”.

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It is good to “squeeze”, but not to drown. This is totally applicable to the couple’s economy. It is recommended that the mortgage payment is not more than 30% of the income of both, otherwise it would be seriously affecting the plans of both and paying the debt would go from being a challenge to become a thorny path.

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Money can be a source of worry when you’re single, but it possibly causes more stress when you’re in a relationship. Arguing about money is something that happens to many couples and is not necessarily treated with the attention it deserves.

Although it takes some time, being open with your partner about your finances and working together to develop a good system for managing money for both of you will give you important financial peace of mind and that will only lead to a stronger relationship.

It should be assumed that there is no specific formula for how to manage finances as a couple, as all relationships are different. Some couples, for example, combine their accounts and their family budget, mixing the money they get as income and even add their retirement funds. Others prefer to manage money separately.

In a field as diverse as relationships, finding the right way to manage finances with another person requires both parties to be on the same page. So pay attention to these tips.

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My husband does not give me money for my personal expenses.

In this way, it is necessary to understand that what is discussed when the use of the family house is requested, is not the property of the same one, that will continue being of its legitimate holder, but as well indicates the own terms used are the use and enjoyment.

Not having children, in principle the use and enjoyment of the house will correspond to its owner, although it will be able to be agreed that the use of the same one, for the time that prudentially is fixed, corresponds to the spouse not owner, whenever, in view of the circumstances of this person, they made it advisable and its interest was the most needed of protection (by disease, incapacity to work, health, etc.).

When this occurs, and always in relation to the above, it must be taken into account that in order to dispose of it by the owner (sell, mortgage, etc.) the consent of both parties will be required or, as the case may be, judicial authorization.

In addition, when not modifying this attribution the ownership of the house, the spouse owner continues having the obligation to respond in front of the own expenses of the same one (IBI, Community of owners…), unless the spouse who stays in the house commits to its payment, being this way collected in the Sentence or Regulatory Agreement. And in the case that this is not fulfilled, the spouse owner can be sued for the payment by the City council, Community of neighbors…, independently of that later this one claims it by the corresponding procedure to the spouse that holds the use and enjoyment of the house.

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