Can you get a loan while unemployed?

Can you get a loan while unemployed?

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You never imagined that loans would be given to unemployed people because banks don’t do it. Today we want to let you know that there are more ways to get money if life has left you without a job. It is not only people with a paycheck who need financial help; unemployed people also have needs.

Traditional banks have a hard time giving money to unemployed people and have tightened their requirements because of the intense delinquency. These entities consider that, since they do not have the optimal income, the difficulties to pay back the money lent are higher. The maximum unemployment benefit that can be collected is around 1,200 euros. If you are overwhelmed, the solution is a Wandoo loan.

Outstanding bills, fines, debts, expenses you have not been able to meet or, who knows, perhaps embarking on a new professional adventure. Everyone will find reasons to spend the money you no longer have. You went from earning 3,000 euros every month to managing 1,200 as well as you are able to and this situation can be tough, at least at the beginning.

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In this article you can learn about all the alternatives to which you can have access. As well as the requirements or conditions to achieve it. On the other hand, we will talk about unemployment and what it implies. Do not miss this complete analysis to clarify all your doubts.

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Unemployment is the condition of involuntary unemployment of some people. It is protected by Social Security. Therefore, it is considered a right to receive an economic benefit. As a measure of substitution to the salary that was stopped receiving.

It refers to the temporary or definitive cessation of the work activity performed by a person. This implies the suspension of salary. This cessation can be caused by a dismissal or by a suspension ERE.

It refers to the temporary reduction of working hours and salary. This can range from 10% to a maximum of 70%. This can be the unemployment benefit when the employee has an ERTE.

In general, every employee has the right to benefit from unemployment. Once their employment relationship with a company ends. Whether it is due to a dismissal or because the employment contract is terminated. Although the employee can also benefit if he/she has a reduction in his/her working day.

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Being unemployed not only means being temporarily out of the labor market, but also out of access to certain consumer products and financial services, especially at a time when banks are selecting the profile of their customers to protect themselves against default.

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Loans without requirements

Applying for a money loan while unemployed is a necessity on many occasions, you may wonder whether or not it is possible to get a mini loan unemployed, I will give you answers to that and other questions in this article.

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It is important to know that, although we are not working and earning money through a payroll, we must have a demonstrable and regular income, sufficient to repay the loan when the time comes to do so (except in secured loans).

Therefore, if we are unemployed, but receiving the benefit, being a demonstrable and regular income, if it is enough to repay the loan we are going to apply for, it is very possible that we can get the urgent financing we need.

After having made it clear that it is possible to apply for a loan, even if we are unemployed or unemployed and how we have to apply for this loan, now it is time to talk about the different types of options we have.

This financial product does not need a guarantee and in some of the occasions you can apply for it, even if you are in the ASNEF or RAI (as long as the note is not derived from a financial product or higher than 2.500€).

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