How much is a redress payment?

How much is a redress payment?

Compensation Calculator 2021

However, it will be the judicial arbitration that, according to the personal criteria of the evaluator, will determine the corresponding amount, in particular for those non-remunerated activities, such as housewife or housewife.

In short, it is always important to have the advice of lawyers specialized in traffic accidents so that, a priori, they can give us an idea of what is the compensation that corresponds to a traffic accident in order to guide us on which are the steps to follow to achieve the COLLECTION OF THE BEST INDEMNITY possible.

Compensation for time served as an example

Before we must make a digression because within the section of the traffic scale that deals with compensation for temporary injuries we find the controversial Article 135, this deals with compensation for minor trauma to the spine, among others the cervical sprain. This type of trauma, if only diagnosed on the basis of the manifestation of the existence of pain by the injured person himself, will be compensated as temporary injuries as long as a series of causality criteria are met:

In this same article it is determined that the sequel derived from a minor cervical trauma will only be compensated if there is a conclusive report that accredits it. Very possibly the interpretation and meaning of this adjective “conclusive” will be a point of conflict between insurers and lawyers of injured parties.

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In the new schedule, compensation for temporary injuries is included in Table 3, which contains 3 sections: basic personal injury, particular personal injury and pecuniary injury. Let us see:

How much is the indemnity for compulsory personal accident insurance?

C. Lump sum compensationBOOK VI. ECONOMIC BENEFITSCHAPTER III. Economic benefits for permanent disability. Compensation and pensionsC. Lump-sum indemnityLump-sum indemnityLump-sum indemnity is the cash compensation granted to the worker when, as a result of an occupational accident or an occupational disease, he/she suffers a decrease in his/her earning capacity, presumably permanent, equal to or greater than 15% and less than 40%.

3. Date of accrual of the lump-sum compensationDate of accrual of the lump-sum compensationThe date from which the right to the lump-sum compensation is accrued will be the date of the beginning of the disability established by the Resolution (REIP) issued by a COMPIN or the evaluation commission of a mutual insurance company in which the percentage of permanent disability is indicated. If said REIP does not indicate anything, it will be understood that the date of onset of disability is the date of issuance of said Resolution.

The lump-sum indemnity shall be paid, at the option of the interested party, in a single payment, or in equal and due monthly installments whose amount shall be equal to 30 times the daily amount of the subsidy indicated in Letter L of Title II “Economic Benefits for Temporary Disability” of this Book VI. However, the worker who has opted for payment in installments may request the full payment of the outstanding balance at any time.

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In the event of death, how much compensation is payable?

There are different ways of doing this: justified or unjustified.    The implications of such decision will be different in each case. In this article we will focus on unjustified dismissal, more precisely on the definition of severance pay.

If we transfer it to the labor field, severance pay is a sum of money that an employer must pay to its employees when it decides to terminate the employment relationship unfairly or without justification.

In this sense, severance is intended to remedy the loss of the job and the salaries received thanks to it. By guaranteeing financial compensation, it is expected that the employee will be able to meet his expenses for a certain period of time.

In order to talk about compensation for unjustified dismissal, we must begin by understanding how employment relationships work. As we already saw in another article where we talked about the different types of labor contracts, at the beginning of an employment relationship, the employer and the collaborator agree on the conditions of the same through the contract. There, among other things, the consequences for both parties in the event of non-compliance with these conditions are also determined.

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