What is my GHA?

What is my GHA?

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The term ecological footprint was defined in 1996 by Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees in their book Our Ecological Footprint: reducing human impact on the Earth. It is an indicator or measure of the impact of human activities on nature. It is represented by the area needed to produce the resources and absorb the impacts of such activity.

The objective of reducing the ecological footprint is essential due to the level of consumption of natural resources and energy, the creation of waste and polluting emissions by human beings. It is a matter of being clear about our real needs and what nature requires for its subsistence. We must keep in mind that nature must regenerate itself and that sometimes it takes a long time to do so.

The unit of measurement used to calculate the ecological footprint is global hectares (gha). This measure corresponds to the amount of biologically productive land required to meet human needs. It can be measured at the individual or group level, at the regional or national level. Or even the entire planet.

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Have you ever thought about the impact that our daily food, commuting to work, tourism trips, the use of household appliances and other types of consumption have on the environment? Do it! Just as we leave footprints when we walk, we also leave something called an ecological footprint in our daily lives.

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For our survival as a human species we need the services offered by ecosystems (air, water, soil, climate), as well as food production and the regulatory capacity of the environment to absorb and recycle human-generated pollution.

But we seem to forget that a healthy Planet is essential to obtain these indispensable resources for life. At the current rate of environmental degradation and, in parallel, the increase in demand for natural resources, humanity would need two planets like Earth in 2030 to survive.

Our balance with nature is “in the red”, which means that we are using more natural resources (ecological footprint) than ecosystems can regenerate (biocapacity). We are in a worrying ecological deficit.

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Agrofilm, also known as plastic film for greenhouses, is a material made from 100% virgin polymers that provides great benefits to crops in the agricultural sector.The use of this compound in agriculture allows obtaining more harvests in less time, protecting fruits from low and high temperatures, reducing water consumption and using land more efficiently.In short, the use of agrofilm has contributed to greater efficiency and productivity in the agricultural sector. For this reason, there are different presentations of this material that adapt to specific situations.Types of agrofilmAgrofilm thicknessThicknesses are of great importance when deciding which type of agrofilm to use for the crop. The plastic film in gauges 10, thanks to their mechanical properties, are the most suitable for crops that are located in regions where air currents are very strong, the rains very intense and where heavy hailstorms fall.Thicknesses less than 10 have the same properties, even in some cases they use them in greenhouses where climatic conditions are also difficult.The guarantee square of plastic films for greenhouses are 24 months for thicknesses less than 8 and, for gauges greater than 8, they are 36 months.    Sources: GCR Group

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GHA Point-of-Sale application running on a PC with

New consumer behavior, as well as the results of a study based on feedback from GHA DISCOVERY members have shown that travelers are increasingly demanding to be rewarded instantly and generously, not only for nights stayed, but also for spending, and that it is done in an easy and straightforward way.

“Today’s discerning guests want to be recognized and rewarded instantly, regardless of where they travel and how much they spend. GHA DISCOVERY now offers this flexibility with the introduction of its rewards system, DISCOVERY dollars. We allow members to earn them from their first stay and redeem them in the future for hotel stays; from room to dining, spa to golf. Since enjoying local experiences is more prevalent due to the current pandemic-related travel restrictions, our new program is now more accessible and generous by rewarding members at hotels closer to home,” said Chris Hartley, CEO of GHA.

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